Free Jupiter 40 easy paintings of animals for beginners

40 Easy Paintings of Animals for Beginners

So, you’re the one who truly loves animals, yes, so you visit the zoo, national park or maybe the wildlife safari. But what if you can’t go and just admire these creatures live? I think, you better pour down that specific animal or creature on canvas as it’ll be a realistic and pure dedication and love towards animals. Here, you’ll learn easy paintings of animals for beginners. So grab your essentials and some hours with the peace of mind and let’s craft yourself a beautiful and soulful animal.

Easy Paintings of Animals

easy paintings of animals 1

easy paintings of animals 2

easy paintings of animals3

easy paintings of animals4

easy paintings of animals5

Before you move ahead, decide what kind of painting you want to craft, colors and imagine the background as if you want to draw an elephant standing in jungle or if it could be a pet dog at home, so make your mind first. Here, check out these painting ideas for practice.

easy paintings of animals6

easy paintings of animals7

easy paintings of animals8

easy paintings of animals9

Types of paintings you should know about:

Well, since it’s about beginners, it must be started from wax colors as they are easy to use and no-messy work moreover, get dried easily. But, if you got enough dedication and spirit to pull out any kind of painting so, let’s check out the given below painting types.

easy paintings of animals10

easy paintings of animals11

easy paintings of animals12

easy paintings of animals14

Tips about easy paintings of animals:

If you’re adamant about making an abstract painting then do some research work, what should be the canvas, sheet, good quality of colors and various brushes must be used.

  • Bring yourself a mug of water and a bucket as well, so you can wash your hands and brushes.
  • When you’re working with water colors, layering and detailing must be done carefully. As you know, water color takes time to get dried so you got to wait to make the second coat and layering.
  • Working with the brushes could get you messy and sometimes dirty! Make sure to use dry brush every time you are about to coat.
  • You better learn to play with colors, but you’re a beginner so get a color mixing chart with yourself so you know how to mix colors to get the desired one.
  • Don’t be shy making mistakes or if your sheet goes wrong. Here is a tip- do not think of yourself being an adult or mature one, just try to draw something like an immature kid, yes, may be, you’ll end up with a funny looking, kind of cartoon animal but this could be your best start.
  • Use cotton to bring the shades, shadows and reflection to you art if you’re using crayons.
  • There are two types of materials available in market, for the kids and for pro artists, yes, here quality matters, you can’t have superb quality if you’re having the essentials made for kids, but it’s better to work with them since you got no expert skills and have just started.

easy paintings of animals15

easy paintings of animals16

easy paintings of animals17

easy paintings of animals18

easy paintings of animals19

What you can do with your paintings once they are ready:

Show off! May be not the right word but you got to gather appreciation and negative comments as well.

  • Now-a-days, social media does good, want to go something viral, just post it to facebook, twitter and whatsapp group rest will happen itself.
  • Or, you can frame your painting and gift it to your pal, spouse or parents, they’ll surely appreciate it.
  • May be you have just started yet but this is just the beginning and after few months or years when you’ll be THE Great artist you would truly want to cherish your past and where you started from, so make a collection of every painting that you practice.

easy paintings of animals20

easy paintings of animals21

easy paintings of animals22

easy paintings of animals23

easy paintings of animals24

easy paintings of animals25


easy paintings of animals27

easy paintings of animals28

easy paintings of animals29

easy paintings of animals30

easy paintings of animals31

easy paintings of animals32

easy paintings of animals33

easy paintings of animals34

easy paintings of animals35

easy paintings of animals36

easy paintings of animals37

easy paintings of animals38

easy paintings of animals (1)

easy paintings of animals (2)

Easy paintings of animals for beginners might the true inspiration to all animal lovers and artists. Do share this post and feel free to drop us your feedback in the comment section.

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