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Art speaks where words are unable to explain! Artists belong to a complete different world. But, if you were under the impression that art is all about painting and drawings, then this confusion if just going to be washed off, when you start reading our articles at

Another important aspect of life apart from tickling the creative side, is our emotions towards the important people in our lives. Be it our parents, family members or friends – Every relationship needs nurturing, and for that, one constantly needs to remember how important they are for the other person and vice versa. At that is why, we are here! At, you will find some of the best tips and talks about relationships!

Why are we here?

The tagline of says, “A planet for art lovers”! Need we actually say anything else about our reason for existence? Well, to put it in words, we are here, because we know, that you get lost in the chaos of life and once in a while, when you are looking out for “that” inspiration towards art, tattoos, craft, fashion, relationships and photography, you will always find the answer at our website.

How often can you see new articles on our blog?

Speaking in numbers, our team publishes about 15 – 25 articles every month. The numbers could definitely be higher, but we rely on in high quality and genuine facts and this is the reason the number of articles are restricted to this particular threshold. takes pride in the fact that every article published on is well researched and contains latest information and facts only. Trust us when we say, only well-researched and well written posts get published on our website. We have a highly energized content team and we are proud of them. They work hard to get amazing articles to the frontier.

Niches covered at

The world has oceans of topics to talk about. The world is a free place to live, laugh and love. When you can do it all, why not have it all covered under one roof?

Painting: This is considered to be the purest art form. From showing you some amazing real life paintings, to giving you some expert advises on this art, we have almost everything that you might be looking for.

Art: Every things has an artistic side to it. We have those ideas covered here. Dream catchers, balloons, Mason jars – we don’t leave anything at all.

Fashion: Fashion and dressing in the right way, is also an art! Not everybody can mater it. You can love fashion, or just hate it, but you surely cannot ignore it. From fashion tips, to what is trending off late, we have an array of fashion articles under this category. And well, we do not restrict fashion to only clothes. Nails, accessories, hair – we have tons of blogs on them too.

DIY: If you are bored of those common stuffs available in the market and are looking for something simple yet unique, then hey, just jump on to our DIY section and you are going to love it

Craft: We get you amazing crafting ideas in this section. You will find a mix of modern and old school articles in this section, because, there is no limit and beginning to craft.

Tattoo: For all those who are looking for some real inspirations in tattoos, here we are, with some awesome trending tattoo designs, tips on how to maintain and other related stuff.

Photography: Tips, best pictures, how to capture the best, and some inspirational photography, you will find everything in this section where we talk only about photography.

Relationships: This is something that keeps us going in our daily lives and that is why, we have a lot to talk about in this section. So, hop on, and explore this on your own

Tips: Once in a while, in your life, you do look out for some expert advises on the daily chores. So, here we are, in this section, we bring forth lot of tips on almost anything and everything

Inspiration: On those days, when you feel lost and are looking for some inspirational motivation, this section is that boost to your energy levels!

Sell? Buy? Or just Suggest?

Well, we like the third one the best and that is why, as of date, we only suggest the best in all the niches we have. We do not sell products. However, because we have well researched articles and due to the research we do to write the best articles, you can always reach out to us on questions on the topics we cover. We would surely love to guide you to the right store to purchase that product!

Our Revenue Generating Process has an enthusiastic team, who works on different niches to get best articles to the table. The team believes in working on this website to produce the best user experience. And guess what? For us, after Enthusiasm, Money is definitely the fuel to run a blog. When we talk about monetary terms, we use advertisements, paid product reviews and sponsored posts & links to generate most of the revenue.

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So, now, whenever you are bored and are just tired of running errands, you know the right place to kill boredom with the creative best ideas right? Take our word, we will never disappoint you and will bring to you, the best and the most interesting articles.