10 Best e-books for Web Designers

As we know that being a web designer needs a lot of knowledge. And not only that, it needs to be updated time to time because the web landscape develops very rapidly nowadays. As a result the web designers and web developers need to do a lot of study and spend time with lot of books. As most of the designers have to spend their time with computer so they hardly get a time to get into books. This shortage is filled by e-books. Yes e-books are very easy and best option for the web designers. Digitization of books has made a great help to these peoples. Here in this article it is highlighted about the best e-books available for free download related to web designing.

Best E-books for Web Designers:

 The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web by Richard Rutter:
This book is in the must read list and regarded as one of the classics in this subject. This e-book is mainly inspired by the Robert Bringhurst’s book The Elements of Typographic Style. Actually those who already went through the Robert Bringhurst’s book will see that this book is all about the applications of such theories of Robert Bringhurst. It consists of all the explained principles and how to accomplish it through the HTML or CSS.

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 Getting Real by 37 Signals:
Getting Real is a fantastic book which consists of explained ways of building web applications. The loveliest side of the book is that it contains each and everything from the basic level to the professional level. And after reading you will really feel encouraged by their way of writing, as they encourage a lot to their readers through their writing. Really you will feel that ‘I can do it’ mentality after reading the book.

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 Design Your Imagination by Web guru:
This book consists of all the principles of web designing, web designing history and many more with about 28 chapters. This book can be a good choice for the beginners although it can be also used by the professionals for guidance. Almost all the aspects has been clearly described and exemplified in this resource book.

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 Web Designer’s Success Guide by Kevin Airgid:
Kevin Airgid’s book mainly highlights the topics of making business related to web designing. The contents of this book is mainly focused on topics like transitioning your business to full timeframe self employed, marketing your freelance business, managing projects and pricing yourself and many more. For the web designers who are planning to make their business a huge one may get a proper guidance throughout this book.

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 The Woork Handbook by Antonio Lupetti:
It is a collection of Antonio Lupetti’s various blog posts. The printable version of this book was released on 2008 comprising the aspects of programming and web designing both. Focus of this book mainly stays on web programming, Ajax, HTML, CSS, Mootools, Scriptaculous and many more.

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 Time Management for Creative People by Mark Mc Guinness:
It is mainly focused on the time management factors rather than focusing on web designing. This book is a great option for the professionals to maximize their time and production to prosper in their own world. It also helps in focusing on the creative aspects while dealing with your market commitments.

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 A Practical Guide to Designing for the Web by Mark Boulton:
The book mainly focuses on the theories of Graphic Design and is divided into five sections Getting Started, Research, Typography, color and Layout. You can read it online for free and offline by paying a negligible amount of money.

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 Taking your Talent to the Web by Jeffrey Zeldman:
This book was mainly written by the author keeping in mind about the Print Designers those are willing to transit from print world to web world. This book was written in 2001 but contains all the modern aspects and theories. It can also be used by the professional web designers seeking to deepen their skills.

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 Learning Web Design by Jennifer Niederst Robbins:
Jennifer Neiderst Robbins wrote this book for the beginners in the field of web designing and it starts from the very beginning of web pages, CSS layouts and optimized graphic files.

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 The Nature of Coding by Daniel Shiffman:
First of all this book is not for the beginners but serves good for the professionals. It focuses more on the branches like programming and various techniques for example the technique behind computer simulations of natural systems.

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