10 Precious Stolen Art Works Which Are Still Missing

Art has been an essential part of humanity since ages. It has helped us to recognize history in a better way. Unfortunately, these artworks are highly prioritized by thieves due to their whopping price in the black market. They do more heaven and earth to steal it. As a matter of fact, the very famous Mona Lisa also couldn’t get away from thievery. Fortunately, police recovered it after 2 years, but not every precious artwork has the same luck and fate. In this article, you will find some of the precious stolen art works which are still missing.


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Precious Stolen Art Works Which Are Still Missing

Nativity with San Lorenzo and San Francesco by Caravaggio



This masterpiece is supposed to be created by Italian Baroque master Caravaggio. It was stolen in October 1969 from the Oratory of San Lorenzo in Palermo, Italy. The estimated price of this painting is a whopping amount of $20 million. It is still missing and authorities have no clue about it.

Storm on the Sea of Galilee by Rembrandt


This artwork was among the 13 artworks stolen from Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. It went missing in 1990. Though experts have failed to estimate its price, but the FBI has set a massive reward of $5 million for any information that leads to it.

Le Pigeon aux petis pois by Pablo Picasso


The name Picasso is enough to define a masterpiece. However, this name has also put the paintings on the top hit list of thieves. The Le Pigeon aux petis pois disappeared in 2010 from the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. At auction, this painting costs more than $30 million.

Harlequin Head by Pablo Picasso


This is another great painting by Picasso that suffered a miserable fate. This art piece got stolen in October 2012. Some sources claim that it was burned in a stove in Romania. However, there is no proper evidence of this claim.

The Just Judges by Jan van Eyck


This painting disappeared in the year 1934. It got stolen from Ghent Altarpiece at Belgian City’s Saint Bavo Cathedral. Interestingly, a note was found in its place that says ‘taken from Germany by the treaty of Versailles.’ It is hard to estimate its cost but around the thieves demanded $30,000 as a ransom. Initially, the Bishop of Ghent refused, but later he made some unsuccessful negotiations.

Portrait of a young man by Raphael


This oil painting made by Raphael disappeared in the year 1945. It was a part of Hitler’s Berlin residence décor. However, a senior Nazi official Hans Frank took it to the Royal Wawel Castle in 1945. No one knew what happened to it afterwards.

Congregation Leaving the Reformed Church by Vincent van Gogh


This painting got stolen in the year 2002 from the Vincent van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Experts estimate its worth around $32 million. However, police have arrested two convicts but the painting is still missing.

The concert by Vermeer


This painting got stolen in the year 1990 from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. The estimated price of this painting was £130 million and the reward set was £3.2 million. As a matter of fact, people consider it as the most valuable unrecovered stolen painting ever.

Cézanne’s View of Auvers-sur-Oise


This painting got stolen in the year 2000. The thief to the advantage of the welcoming nature of Oxford’s revellers and breaks into the city’s Ashmolean Museum. The painting is still missing and there is no announcement of any bounty for information about this painting.

Portrait of Francis Bacon by Lucian Freud


This great painting by Lucian Freud disappeared in the year 1988. The thievery of this painting was odd. Its location was unknown for almost 25 years, but after revealing, it got stolen. A reward of £132,000 was announced to recover this painting. However, it is still missing.

So here we have top 10 precious stolen artworks which are still missing. These artworks of history’s greatest painters, sculptors, and craftsman were not that lucky to get into in museums or private collections.

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