15 Best Crafts For Teens

What exactly would you love to do in your free time or when you can’t resist the artist inside you? You might sing, listen music, paint or draw? Honestly speaking, there is only one inescapable activity that you can admire and fun, is craft! Yes, you can craft something significant to kill the boring moment; moreover, if there’s any special day coming to you i.e. birthday, anniversary or friendship day, you can create some adorable memories with crafts you make. Check out the given best crafts for teens and let us know what you to say about it!

Best Crafts For Teens

Friendship band craft:

Teen years are when our friends making zone is on peak, you might have a gang or many buddies in your circle. Cool dude and gorgeous girls in a friend circle always deserve something to be gifted to make them feel special. Craft a bracelet or friendship band for your that one bestie or you could try for whole gang (This might cost you bit of hard-work).
Mobile charging station:

Teenagers, we all know how much obsessed you re with your mobile, tabs and laptop! And funny thing about our phones is- the moment when we charging our phone suddenly it slips and falls down! Of course, it could cost you a new phone and words from parents! But, making a mobile charging station will help you lot!

Heart bookmarks:

No! Not for those who consider them a bookworm but for those who are really keen to read life changing novels and books! Seriously, if you’re injected with a book reading hobby then crating a bookmark will assist you all the time.


No worries, if you got no flowers and plants in garden, yet you can see plenty of adorable birds in your home outdoor. Just craft an easy birdfeeder from plastic bottle or wood and enjoy the moment seeing birds in your home!


Since you got lot of photographs and an empty wall of your bedroom! Let me give you an idea! Craft a photoframe and cherish the moments you have spent with buddies and family.
Craft a Dreamcatcher:

Dreamcatcher tattoo are terribly popular among teens, right? Yes, and you must know the reasons and why people are in love with this positive vibes giving stuff.

Valentines’ day craft for lovers!

Yeah! Sounds adorable, isn’t it? A small and cute heart craft on valentine’s day could gain your relationship a new strong bond and reviving moments to keep it fresh and loveable forever.

Toilet paper roll craft:

Toilet paper roll can be used to create a useful craft or even as a gift or home décor craft. There are plenty of ways on internet you can craft by following instructions step by step.

Lantern DIY ideas:

Never ending are the ideas and DIY ways when it comes to craft something to enhance the beauty of home or your bedroom.

Hair band to look stylish:

Girls, this one has to be done, seriously! No need to spend bucks on new hair band though you got to be home for hours, you can craft yourself a hair band to help yourself with your hair issues!

Craft origami for fun:

It’s not that easy as it seems to you but is not impossible and can be done in few seconds!
Origami is an adorable shape of animal or anything that you create with paper and thin sheets.

Paper craft to kill time:

Paper craft are basics and even a small kid can do, especially if you’re not into craft things and it’s going to be your 1st ever craft then you better try with paper craft ideas.

Plastic bottle craft:

It could be anything, depend on your creativity and ideas that you can have from internet or specially from pinterest.

Easter bunny craft:

Easter is coming and you’d love to craft and décor your home for upcoming easter celebration.

Craft your purse:

Girls, you can craft a purse for yourself or for your lovely mom, yes you can use it or you can gift it to your bestie or mom.

We shared some selective best crafts for teens and hope that you liked it. Please do let us know your feedback in comment section and feel free to share this post.