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Awesome DIY Dreamcatchers for Décor

Dreamcatchers developed from a legend and became universal design fantasies. The more they spread, the less conventional they become. You might see a dreamcatcher in a hotel, pub, at a festival or even at a wedding. The only thing that might stop you from finding or creating your next DIY dreamcatcher is that you haven’t found your favorite one yet.

Dreamcatchers began as talismans of the Ojibwe Native American tribe. They protected children against nightmares. However, today there are no limits in designing dreamcatchers. Colors, textures and even shapes are now in your creative hands. Before you take any further step, check out these amazing DIY dreamcatchers that you can use to decorate any indoor or outdoor space!

Awesome DIY Dreamcatchers that Break Design Limits

If one or more of the dreamcatchers below captivate you, then you might soon find that they are also easy to create. Here’s a guide that teaches you how to craft a dreamcatcher in no time. Let’s see what models you can begin with!

1.      Flowers and Tassels

You can design a dreamcatcher that does not have a loop but has hanging colorful tassels. If you add and roll a branch with fresh flowers, it becomes a bright and romantic décor element.

Add hair fix spray from 3 feet (around 1 meter) distance to enjoy the flowers for longer time. You can leave the leaves to dry out and fall on their own.

2.      Crescent Moon

Challenging the shape of DIY dreamcatchers is not as complicated as it might seem. The inside pattern is built following the same principles as for the round dreamcatcher. However, the visual effect is both original and spectacular.

To add a natural feeling to the dreamcatcher, you can build it on a semi-round branch. Make sure you find it this way, as bending the branch might break it.

3.      Neon Shades

Neon colors are in trend now and they don’t seem to leave anytime soon. You can create an awesome dreamcatcher with bold and cheerful neon shades that never go unnoticed.

You can replace just about any element from the dreamcatcher with a neon-colored one. When purchasing your supplies, look for feathers or beads in purple, aqua, blue, lime, pink or yellow neon shades. You can even try to mix two similar shades, for a more cheerful look.

4.      Stars

You can have a romantic-style DIY dreamcatcher by inserting a few small star-shaped metals inside the hoop. They look fantastic and watchers may not even notice that you’ve made the work yourself.

While working on the second pattern layer, insert the first tiny star. Continue by taking the star’s corners as benchmarks. As you develop the dreamcatcher, add more stars. You can also try to add a larger style in the middle.

5.      Seaside Style

If you’re into that melancholic seaside design, you can create a DIY dreamcatcher that contains your favorite elements. You don’t need to change any patterns.

Create a white dreamcatcher. When you get to the hanging design, add shells and light blue beads, or even a silk string. You will create a dreamcatcher that fits anywhere and doesn’t need any further accessory.

6.      Triangle

The triangle dreamcatcher has a minimalist design and gives you the freedom to create any pattern you wish. You can design parallel strings or even letter-shaped ones. This project is so easy that it is also suitable for kids.

You can buy a metallic triangle hoop or create one from three similar strings. You can create a classic weave or play with the design. The result will be a rustic original dreamcatcher for home or event décor.

7.      XL Dreamcatcher

You can have a bold décor with an extra-large DIY dreamcatcher. This kind of design element speaks for itself and can make a simple wall look complete without further accessories or even furniture.

The XL dreamcatcher follows the same principles as the regular one. However, it is difficult to create due to its size. Before engaging in such a project, create a few regular dreamcatchers as practice.

8.      Pedant and Earrings

Who says you can’t decorate your own jewelry with a dreamcatcher? With the right tool, you can create a pedant for your chain or earrings. When not wearing them, you can store them as décor.

Also, although it’s easy to create, a pedant dreamcatcher might seem difficult due to its small size. Create the same stylish dreamcatcher in regular size, notice its details and then engage in the project.

9.      Crocheted Style

The crocheted dreamcatcher can look in any way you design it to. It is based on symmetry, so it will create a complex visual show that surprises your guests.

Find the pattern you desire and connect it to the hoop with strings. Feel free to make it monochromatic, as the effect remains. However, if you choose a white one, you will need to maintain its intense color. Regularly wipe it with a wet washcloth.

10.  Peace Sign

Imagine a dreamcatcher with a hippie leather sign, instead of a string pattern. Such a dreamcatcher is both a design sparkle accessory and a statement.

You can braid a peace sing inside of the hoop and a mini one, as hanging decoration. Complete with leather feathers and leather ribbons. Then, you’ll have a simple, yet spectacular dreamcatcher.

DIY Dreamcatchers for Any Décor

DIY dreamcatchers are amazing for your home décor, regardless if they are indoor or outdoor. Moreover, you will soon discover that they are easy to make and completing one usually lasts less than an hour.You can place them inside your home, on a wall or above your bed. However, if you enjoy the bold décor style, you can hang them anywhere: by a table or chair, in the kitchen, near bulbs or by the ceiling.

These awesome dreamcatchers also look good hanged in trees. If you organize an event, you can make a theme and even use them in photo shoots. Guests will be surprised to learn that you’re the designer behind those fantastic dreamcatchers!



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