40 Majestic Pencil Drawings of Nature You Have Never Seen

Drawing is soothing and imagination based art so is considered as one of the greatest fun and activity. This is the first art activity you might have tried in childhood days, even though it was just zig-zag lines or unpredictable object, but still was appreciable and that’s where exactly the journey of becoming an artist started. If you find yourself as a nature lover and usually try hands with pencil and drawing sheet, so is the best combo task for you to draw pencil drawings of nature to admire mother nature with your own style.

These selected pencil drawings of nature will assure you the essence of how a nature could bring that smile and positivity inside you. We’re hoping you’ll get the kick start motivation to portray your own imagination of nature.

Essential drawing materials:

  • A sketchbook
  • Pencils (HB, 2H, 2B and 4B)
  • Drawing paper of tooth surface
  • Eraser (Gum eraser, Rubber eraser and Vinyl eraser)
  • Sharpener
  • Tip pen

Natural landscape:
The portrait which depicts the entire scenery including trees, ground, sky, birds and anything that belongs to nature! Creating such pencil drawing might get some expertise but can be done by following some tutorials and fine ways.

River Freely flowing water:
Yes, this piece has deep and sensible message to express as it says life keeps moving, whatever happens! Flowing water is pure and hygienic to use and that’s what we better follow as moral and moral.

Confident High mountains:
These mountains standing rigid with proud and pride with facing climatic changes, storm, heavy rainfall, and massive earthquakes. Majestic is the drawing so is the profound message mountains have. You can depict a view blinking sun rising or sun set with mountains to glorify the scene.

Pencil shading:
Though it’s pencil work but has significant role when giving a finishing touch or giving the dark shades to objects or if you want to highlight the view. Nature pencil drawing can look light and boring but with a bit of shading work you can make a realistic and breathtaking piece of art.

Hut in the jungle:
Yeah! Isn’t the exact scene that you have imagined many times having a small home or natural wood hut in jungle with no traffic, hustle, gadgets and so and so but with only eternal peace and, silence and silence! Feel free to use colors to make it more realistic and alive as this is your personal imagination and a desire.

The Dark Dense forest:
Yeah! You could make it look scary with shading work! A dark dense forest is the prettiest example of pencil drawing of nature to try, to adore and to feel being in jungle. If you find yourself as expert with pencils and drawing sheets, go to the jungle and capture pour the real view, dude!

Tips for the beginners:
So, you have decided to head for creative path and artistic activity, right? Good! Given below are the things you got to need to draw the best piece of imagination.

  • Do some rough work on other sheet or paper or erasing again and again will spoil the quality of your sheet and mood as well.
  • If you are going to draw something from another image make sure to use trace paper (because you’re beginner).
  • Start with making rough and light lines to ensure the primary design you are going to draw completely.
  • For giving a finishing touch and making shading look more dark and catchy, use cotton.

You would not get better ideas and varieties crating something on drawing sheet anywhere else but in nature. Nature itself is an art so has to be your pencil drawing art! Share with us the more ideas and images on pencil drawing of nature and don’t forget to share this post with more art lovers.