40 Easy And Simple Landscape Painting Ideas

Painting art work is soothing and relaxing for a painter, always! And since, you’re insanely in love with paintings then you better know about the integrated and inescapable part of painting which is landscape painting. Yes, many of you might admire Mother Nature, mountains, sky and deep blue sea water and underground water kingdom! Right? Yes! That’s what landscape painting is all about as it lets you craft a master piece of depicting nature’s art. Here, today, we’ll get you some easy and simple landscape painting ideas so you can create and try on your hands with no worries of finding ‘what to paint’.

It does not matter if you’re born artist or a newbie to hold a paint brush! Yes, you don’t have to be a pro it’s just that when you feel like doing it just go ahead and speak your art!

Easy And Simple Landscape Painting Ideas

Vibrant nature!

Tough, nature’s furies have been shaking this earth from beginning and it can happen anytime, yes, even at this very moment while you reading this line! Just imagine and craft a vibrant face of nature including grass, tree and make sure to pour shades along it.

Dessert sunset:

As mentioned above, landscape painting is all about earth and its various natural aspects! And mountains are one of them! It would be seriously impossible to find a person on this earth who would not admire seeing a mountain or who have never feel that cool breeze blowing over it.  Want to feel that soothing and calm breeze? Just get brush and paint it and you can surely live the moment again.

Blossom season:

Yes, you might call it spring season and that’s when plants, trees, flowers and even a small inches grass grow and blossom and reach its enlightenment and celebration. The thing is- if you want to admire something inspiring there’d be nothing like that except the nature itself, especially in spring season.

Mist painting of a jungle!

Woah! Have you ever been to jungle and lost? Freejupiter can assure you that feel and amazement if you can paint such creation yourself. This is mist painting and it itself is creating a alive appearance and magnetic attraction once you start seeing it deeply.

Surreal landscape painting:

You have probably imaged this scene and fantasized about it, at least once! I did! Well, just stare at this awesome canvas and you’ll feel hypnotized! On a dark night, when moon shines and spread its calmness and pure whiteness on earth, the view is just blissful and relaxing!

Silent autumn:

Charlotte Johnson

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