20 Best iPhone Themes to Try This Year

If you are an owner of an iPhone, remember that you own one of the best and advanced gadgets in the world. But the main fact is that the iPhone doesn’t have many inbuilt themes in it. In fact if you are using it for a long time you may feel bored with its inbuilt themes. But no need to get offended with it. There are a lot of themes available on Cydia which you can download to change the appearance of your iPhone. But for that you have to jail break your iphone. Yeah! That is all you needed to change a theme. So if you are really bored with a single theme try out some interesting theme on your iPhone.


Best iPhone Themes



Glasklart iPhone theme:



This is one of the smooth looking best themes for iphone. If you want to give a sober look to your iphone, you can try this out. It comes free and has a very dynamic looks. The icons become transparent and the theme is very dark in colour. But the main thing is that it gives a very simple look to your iPhone. You will experience a lot of light colours and it comes with a customed lock slider, pop- ups, and SMS bubbles.





It is a black and grey theme with descent look. The amazing thing is that it changes the whole appearance of your iOS. You can buy it from Cydia and it amounts only $2. After downloading directly install it to your iphone.


Buff 2:



A trendy multicoloured winter board theme. It offers a lot of icons to choose from. If you really want to give a different look to your iPhone then go with this theme. It has a cartoonish look all over. You can get it absolutely free from Cydia.


Mars Theme:



Mars theme is also one of the best descent looking themes in Cydia. It transforms the icon design and gives a slight different look to your iphone. It comes with many types of wallpaper and 2 dock variants.





This theme is developed by Surenix, one of the best developers of iPhone community. Ayecon is a very popular theme which is widely used by the iPhone users worldwide. It redesigns all the icon appearance and changes the look. It costs only $2.99.


Carla Velox:



Velox is a very simple looking theme. It changes the icons and status bar of your iPhone. Actually it is a very light weight theme. And can be downloaded absolutely free from Cydia.


Wood shelves Theme:



This theme is very different from other themes in terms of look. The most amazing fact of this theme is that after installing it, the full appearance of the iPhone will look wooden. And the icons will be displayed in such a way that it will look like the icons are placed in wooden shelves. And it is a freeware theme.


Black UPS Darkness SD:



This is a very simple looking theme for your iPhone. It changes the full appearance of icons but doesn’t change the status bar. You can get it free from Cydia. Go to Cydia and search for the theme and install it.


Leg1 on HD Theme:



This theme gives a new age look with a mixture of black and blue combination. It creates a very dark ambience. And fully changes the iPhone appearance. In fact you can’t just identify sometimes that it is an iPhone, looking at its screen. Each and everything changes after installing this theme.


Concept OS Theme:



If you are fed up with the looks of iPhone and want to try something new. Then this theme will change your iPhone appearance into HTC type screen appearance. And its look amazing with the essence of HTC in iPhone. The theme costs $2.99.


Wazi Theme:



This is also a very popular theme in the community. Actually because of its cool looking appearance it is widely accepted by the users. The icons changes into round shaped and messages and lock screen are also customized according to the theme. Download the theme for just $1.99 from Cydia.


Elite Pro HD theme:



One of the advanced themes of Cydia which possess the retina display feature. The icons are changed into high quality appearance with custom sounds and lock screen. It is all free to download.


Circon Velox Theme:



If you have iOS 6 or above you can install this beautiful theme on your phone. It comes with round shaped Icons and you need to install Velox tweak on your phone first to apply the theme. Its mild look makes your iPhone very attractive.


Picnic iPhone theme:



Its cute looking appearance have made it one of wide accepted iPhone winter board theme. The mind blowing icon animations attract most of the people. This will surely go with your choice if you are an animation lover. The most important thing is that it can be installed absolutely free.


Impacto HD Velox:



Its transparency and light weight makes it one of the best themes on iPhone. The icons are square shaped but its appearance changes on downloading the theme. Other than that the status bar becomes slight transparent. So you can easily choose this theme for a clean appearance on your iPhone.


SE7EN HD iPhone theme:



Fed up of using dark coloured iPhone themes? Try this fantastic theme to get light coloured combinations. SE7EN HD comes with 7 different colour options and all the combinations are attractive. So you can easily go with the theme to get an amazing experience





Again coming to one of the best themes of iPhone community. The Newsport theme is inbuilt with 200+ amazing icons and changes the font of your iphone. It is also popular for the use in iPads. It can be downloaded with $1.99


iOS 7 theme:



This amazing theme gives you all the experience of iOS 7. Actually those who are using the backdated versions of iOS this theme is very useful for them. As it transforms the iOS looks into iOS 7. This theme can also be used for iPods.


M’Flat Theme:



This theme is mainly designed with the basic iOS 7 ideas. And it changes the full icon appearance to give an attractive look. You will get innumerable icons to choose from and it is a winter board compatible theme.





A very popular theme for iOS 7 but was also a great hit for iOS 6. You can install this theme for giving a nu-age retro appearance to your phone. The icons are specially designed for amazing looks and give you r iPhone a sizzling look.


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