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Tips for Starting to Build Your Own Art Collection

Tips for Starting to Build Your Own Art Collection

If you’re an art lover who enjoys spending time in galleries and museums, you might have wondered what it would take to start your own collection. If you assumed that you must be wealthy, well, it certainly helps, but it isn’t necessary to be a millionaire to build a collection of original art that you

How Rolled Canvas Can Work For You

Photo by Ruthie on Unsplash Canvas prints are a perfect choice for many home and office needs. They can make fantastic decorations in any room, and they can help you sell your own stunning artwork. A canvas print has a higher quality than other prints, and choosing rolled canvas allows you to get even more


How to Draw Disney Princess? –Simple Disney Princess Drawing ideas

Disney princess drawing is all about your creativity and creative instinct! How far can you travel with your artistic soul decides your excellence in this type of drawing? You are well-aware of the leading Disney princesses like Frozen, Sleeping beauty, Snow White, and Cinderella, a heart-throb for the cartoon fanatics. Their blissful and mesmerizing beauty


Art Project Ideas for College Students

We all have fond memories of childhood art projects, back when doing art was as simple as gluing some macaroni to paper or coloring a tracing of your hand and calling it a turkey. But as we get older, the art that we are expected to do becomes more complex. And in college, art projects


Creating an Inspiring Art Wall to Make You a Better Artist  

It can be difficult as an artist to find inspiration and continue working in a world that sets out to distract us. Between social media, streaming services, and other forms of entertainment it seems as though there’s enough interesting material out there to keep us from accomplishing anything.  Source But whether you’re a professional artist


What is NFT Art?

NFTs, short for Non-Fungible Tokens, have exploded onto the crypto scene relatively quickly, becoming widely talked about within a short amount of time. Encompassing a whole range of virtual art and music, in addition to some other items, NFTs are selling like hot cakes – hotcakes that might be worth thousands, that is. Royalty-free image