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5 Way to Support Your Child’s Sporting Interests


Every year we cheer and watch in awe as sportsmen and women beat inconceivable odds and morph into heroes right before our eyes. The inspiration they bring knows no boundaries or inhibitions. In those moments everyone sees the endless possibilities of victory after hard work.



It is, therefore, no surprise that your child may develop sporting interests as they begin to explore their talents. However, the world of competitive sports is filled with a myriad of risks and waves of highs and lows. Your child will need as much support as they can if they are to emerge successful in their pursuits.

So, besides attending every soccer game or tennis match, what more can you do? Read on.

Research and Learn

It is perfectly understandable if you are not a sporting enthusiast. It could also be that you do enjoy sports but your son or daughter is pursuing an unfamiliar sporting activity. In either case, you will need a crash course to learn how it all works.

It is advisable that you do this before you give parental consent for them to join or try out for the team. That way, you will be able to engage them on any areas of concern that may arise. Plus, understanding their interests is a great way to affirm and bond with them.

Online platforms would be a great source for all the information you need. After a few articles and sporting highlights, you will only be a few games away from becoming a pro on the subject. 

Protective Gear


A recent medical study showed that 1 in 5 students that engage in contact sports suffer concussions. In addition to this, there are other sporting injuries such as sprains, tears, and complete breaks.

Protective gear varies from one sport to the next. Here are a few basic options worth considering for physical sports.


Skiing, motorsports, rugby, and American football present the risk of significant head impact and subsequent trauma. Helmets are thus indispensable in such sports. The rugby helmet, however, is a special design known as a scrum cap. It is smaller than the typical helmet and less rigid.


Padding is meant to protect players from impact and muscle injuries. It helps hold muscles and ligaments in place and mitigate damage when they are overly stretched. There are various types of padding designed for different body parts including shoulders, elbows, knees, and shins.

Protective Goggles

Swimming and skiing each require special protective goggles.

Swimming goggles are meant to protect the eyes from chlorinated water and make opening eyes underwater more comfortable. 

Skiing goggles are a bit more complex and vital for skiers. They ensure that their vision is not blurred by snow, fog, or the glare of sunlight. It is essential to find a brand that offers you all three protections. You can find some of the best ski goggle options at

Proper Footwear

As with all protective gear, the right footwear may vary between sports. However, at the bare minimum, all sporting footwear should be comfortable and have treads to prevent falls.

Skill and Talent Development Opportunities

Even the most successful athletes swear by practicing. If nothing else, it is a testament that talent needs to be honed. As such, it would be a great show of support if you could find relevant sporting camps for your kids to attend. They would benefit greatly from being coached by experts and interacting with peers who share their interests. That said, be thorough with your due diligence of all prospective programs.

Alternatively, you could choose to attend live pro-level games. They would make for a good practical learning experience for your budding champion. Besides, nothing would give them more perspective than seeing the players they look up to live in action.




A work-life balance is a conundrum that most adults struggle with despite their best efforts. Now, imagine how challenging it can be for a child to maintain a healthy balance between school, sports, and everything in between. 

Consider creating a schedule for your child to follow and helping them navigate it. Help them understand that the idea is not to regiment their life but to give them some structure. As they get older they can take on more responsibility for their schedules with some supervision.

Further, be wary of the curse of tunnel vision. As they become more successful in their sporting pursuits all their efforts may be channeled in that direction. Their academic performance may begin to suffer due to this. While it may seem inconsequential to them at the time, but be relentless in imploring them to take their studies seriously.

Scholarship Information

There are numerous sport scholarship programs that scout for talent and applicants every year. It would be a good idea to look into them a bit early and help your child work towards their requirements. Factors like GPA scores can not be corrected overnight and so it is best to get ahead of them early alongside sporting practice. This would also give you a chance to narrow down the options your child would be eligible for and discuss their pros and cons.


Success in sports is quite alluring and can be life-changing but it is not an easy journey. You will see your child tested to their limit both physically and emotionally. The only comfort they may have, aside from the promise of a dream, is your support. So, give it in spades. It is a gift that they will hold dear for the rest of their lives.


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