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The Journey of Weight Loss Made Easy – Your Ultimate Guide To Sustainable Weight loss

Weight loss is the reduction of the overall weight of your body which includes muscle, fat, and water losses. Losing 2 or 3 pounds per week is not easy as you have to burn about 700 – 1000 calories more than you consume daily. So, a low-carb diet and regular physical activity are essential for rapid results and losing weight effectively over time. 

Planning your meals, tracking your water intake, and exercising regularly will surely help you lose that excess fat quickly. A good weight loss app for iPhone will guide you through your journey of staying healthy & fit. 

However, losing weight sustainably doesn’t necessarily mean you are only getting rid of fat from your body. You must also consume the nutrients your body needs to be nourished. Therefore, keeping the goal of ‘losing weight while eating healthy in mind, is crucial.

Getting Enough Nutrition For Exercising & Losing Weight

You need to give your body the energy it needs to sustain you. This means you should not skimp on nutrition even if you are trying to lose weight. Doing so can decrease muscle mass, lower your immunity, and cause fatigue. This can result in illness, increase recovery time, put you at risk of injury, and cause hormonal problems.

Instead, make sure your diet plan includes sufficient nutrient-dense calories, allowing you to work out while staying healthy. To get enough calories, you will need these nutrients to aid you in reaching your fitness goal:

  1. Carbohydrates – 

Carbohydrates are the primary fuel that your body burns during exercise. Therefore, people who exercise, whether a beginner or a pro, should obtain 55 to 65 percent of their daily calories from carbohydrates. This includes eating high-quality carbohydrates like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains like buckwheat, oats, and brown rice.

  1. Protein – 

Besides carbs, you must also have enough protein intake throughout the day. How much protein you should consume depends on your size, age, and weight loss goals. Consuming protein more frequently throughout the day tones your body improves muscle building, and helps weight loss. A few good examples of protein sources are lean cuts of meat, poultry, low-fat milk, and beans.

  1. Healthy Fat – 

Sources like nuts, olive oil, and avocados give you healthy fat, which is essential for your body but also reduces the risk of diseases. This will ensure you not only get the macronutrients you need for fuel and to support muscle mass but also essential micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

A good meal-planning app like Lasta will surely assist you in getting enough nutrients for the day to lose weight effectively. However, when thinking about exercise, focusing on what you eat or drink before or after your workouts and throughout the day is also just as important. 

Workouts That Make You Fit

Most people usually start with cardio when they first try to lose weight. So, let’s bust this myth: doing an hour of cardio makes you burn calories worth a burger. Remember, you don’t have to exercise at a high intensity to lose weight. Low-intensity cardio will also help you to burn calories if you’re a beginner or have physical limitations. 

For workouts like fast walking, jogging, bicycling, medium-intensity training, swimming, and aerobics, start slow and gradually up the intensity as your limits extend. Aim for 45 minutes of low-intensity cardio 4-5 days a week. As you become more fit, carry some weights while jogging, walking, or in workouts.

However, if you can adapt to a more high-intensity workout or are looking for fast results, it will help you lose weight and achieve an incredible physique rapidly. Moreover, you must ensure you are not compromising your sleep and try to reduce your stress levels. Positive thinking will eventually help you to achieve results.

List of Workouts That Will Help You In Losing Weight

  • Weight Training
  • CrossFit
  • Tabata
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)
  • Calisthenics
  • Dance and Zumba
  • Kettlebell Workouts
  • Aerobics and Gymnastics


It is not implied that you will see definite results in a week or two. The key to losing weight is to stick to a workout plan and not quit or change the routine that diminishes your goals. Remember that eating healthy is as important as working out, so you need to keep an eye on that too. Understanding meal timings, hunger, and water intake are essential, and apps like Lasta will help you keep track of all of them. 

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