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25 Simple And Easy Lighthouse Painting Ideas For Beginners

25 Simple And Easy Lighthouse Painting Ideas For Beginners

Lighthouse is by far most popular and easy painting artist feel, there can many variations in the lighthouse, in architecture and landscape. For beginners in painting, the lighthouse can be simplest and easiest, a conical shaped tall building that tapers at the top and has a room with a lantern or light. Use watercolors to


40 Deep Yet Majestic Chinese Landscape Painting Ideas

Numerous critics and scholars consider “Landscape Painting” as the most astounding type of Chinese painting. Landscape painting had advanced into an autonomous painting genre that has epitomized the Chinese people to get away from their quotidian world to commune with nature and express it through their paintings. Chinese Landscape Painting Ideas is extremely well known


40 Hyper Realistic Oil Painting Ideas To Try

Talking of hyper realistic oil painting ideas? Well, this insane art is totally different to all other painting niches either it’s the watercolor, crayons or pencil colors. Only professional and experienced artists can perform such art. The word ‘hyper realistic’ itself represents and praise the art as it symbolizes the art with deep detailing, dimensions


60 Creative And Simple Color Pencil Drawings Ideas

There’s a huge difference between pencil drawing and creative and simple color painting drawings ideas. Pencil drawings bring out the beautiful canvas from black and white only whereas when it comes to color pencil drawings, it’s beyond realistic art. Moreover, it’s been reportedly proved that working with a color pencil is easy as you’d not