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6 Signs You’re Ready To Break Up With Your Partner

If there’s one aspect of dating which is particularly traumatic, it’s that moment when you reach the conclusion you want to end your relationship. You might not be 100% convinced of this course of action. Are there aspects of your partner’s behavior which could change? Perhaps someone else has caught your eye, but what happens when a new relationship doesn’t work out after you’ve burnt your bridges with the old one? In simple terms, if you have any doubts about breaking up with your partner, you shouldn’t be committing yourself to a hasty decision. But there are certain signs which are dead giveaways you are ready to break up, and here are six of these.

Signs You’re Ready To Break Up With Your Partner

You’re not happy

A basic litmus test about any relationship’s state of health is the degree of contentment you feel. Is there a huge gulf between that sense of happiness you always used to have at the outset and how you feel now? Are there frequent occasions when you are down because things aren’t going well, or just too many arguments? If your relationship is constantly affecting your mood then the time has come to call it a day.

No regrets

If you’ve reached a crossroads where you are considering the pros and cons of continuing with your partnership, one of the things which often creates a U-turn is a thought you are going to have qualms about splitting up. But if you realize you are not going to regret anything at all, then this indicates you should only be looking ahead at this hypothetical fork in the road.

Other options

Even if you are in a fulfilling relationship, you can find yourself physically attracted to other people. But if you have reached the stage where your eyes are constantly drifting or the possibility of pursuing a relationship with someone else is no longer taboo, perhaps even inevitable, you really need to be honest and end the relationship. Otherwise, you run the risk of an overlap, which is not a pleasant situation for anyone involved and can lead to recriminations.

Your friends are encouraging you

If you have a close and valued circle of friends, you are undoubtedly prepared to take on-board any advice they have to give. If there is a consensus amongst your buddies you need to break up this relationship for whatever reason, then you really need to pay close attention to what they are saying. Very often receiving an objective opinion from people who have nothing else to gain can be extremely worthwhile.

Your partner is emotionally vulnerable

Does your partner show signs they are emotionally unstable in any way? Are there frequent mood swings? Perhaps their temper flares at the slightest things, or they are paranoid, or self-absorbed. All these are indications your relationship is stagnating. While any of these emotional vulnerabilities could be countered early on by two-way discussion, in order to uncover the true cause, they can occur at a point in a relationship where they become too difficult to fix.

Communication breakdown

One of the most vital aspects of any relationship is to have strong communication. This can occur at every level, from the flippant sweet nothings you whisper to one another during tender moments, to serious discussions about major issues. When these connections occur less and less, or your partner appears to be keeping things bottled-up and is unwilling to share any more, then the time has come to think of your own peace of mind and seek someone whom you can trust to be open and honest.

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