Free Jupiter 30 Shades Of Yellow Color Names

30 Shades Of Yellow Color Names

Yellow is a color that comes in handy when you are designing anything; it is a warm shade that brings about brightness to anything you put it on. Yellow is one shad that can be as somber or as bright as you want it to be. The best part of using yellow for anything is that you can make it as sober and quiet as you want it to be or as bright, loud and obvious as you need it to be. Yellow when you use it right can almost have the quality of bringing light into the dullest settings without much effort.

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Shades Of Yellow Color Names

To know more, about the wide variety that is there is in this nice color, read on and discover the plethora of shades:

Shades Of Yellow Color Names

Lemon yellow(#FFF44F)

1 - Lemon yellow

This shade of yellow comes with a tinge of green in it and is a lovely color to have on in summer

Saffron yellow(#F4C430)

2-Saffron yellow

Though strands of saffron come in a shade of red, they turn a lovely yellowish orange shade when they are used



This is an almost brown shade of yellow that is pretty somber

Amber yellow(#FFBF00)

4-Amber yellow

This is a translucent shade of yellow that looks as if it is in a stage between yellow and gold

Golden yellow(#FFD700)

5-Golden yellow

This is a nice warm and bright shade of yellow that takes its name from gold, the precious metal

Canary yellow(#FFEF00)

6-Canary yellow

This color as the name suggests is derived from the bird of the same name

Apricot yellow(#FBCEB1)

7-Apricot yellow

Again this is a shade of yellow that derives from the fruit of the same name



This is the color of dried grass or flax that is a nice light golden shade



This is a very light shade of yellow which almost seems akin to white or off white

Royal yellow(#FADA5E)

10-Royal yellow

This is a mellow shade of yellow that is pretty rich in color and preferred by royalty

10-Royal yellow

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