10 Quick Tips To Be Popular On Instagram

In this modern age of social networking, Instagram is a great platform to become popular with your photos.  Many people use this platform to boost up their brands and companies.  Like other Social networking websites you have to increase your number of followers to accomplish the popularity. This is really not an easy job. In fact there are no magical ways that will help you to increase the number of followers. But still if you try hard you can achieve your goal. The main thing is that you have to engage and attract more people to your profile. And for that you have to follow some steps and techniques. So here I will be discussing the steps in details with you all those who are urging to be a most admired guy in Instagram.



Always upload the best content:

This place is always for the real photo lovers. But that doesn’t means they will be attracted to any photos uploaded by you. Always try out something different and striking. Actually you have to express your charismatic personality through your best shots. Avoid uploading your shot by shot detalification of your daily silly incidents. This can be very disgusting to some peoples. Also you can add some nice lines or quotes matching your best shots.


Edit your photos:

Instagram doesn’t have a good editing option. But your pictures should be finely edited to make it attractive. So you should use some other apps to edit your pictures. There are many softwares available for ios and android which will provide you a good editing option. Afterlight, Overgram, Aviary are some of these softwares.


Building an attractive Portfolio:

Before you want to increase the number of followers, you should keep in mind to have a very attractive portfolio. At least 20 amazing shots should be uploaded in your profile, otherwise with an empty profile you can’t be a popular guy. Your profile details should be very clear. Your profile Bio should contain sufficient information about you to reveal your identity. Stay away from uploading poor quality photos.


Following the trend:

After uploading your photos to instagram, the next step will be to follow the comments given by different peoples. This will help you to know both the positive and negative qualities of your photos. Try to improve your shots following the comments. Remember that will help you to work with the latest trend.


Following other profiles:

Once you start following the profile you are really interested about, have a view on their pictures. Actually your feed will show pictures of the people you are following. Instagram as a whole is a community in which you can interact with various people over photos. So the more people you will follow, the more followers you will get. But that doesn’t mean that you will follow anybody. This may overload your feed. Only follow the people whom you are really interested about.


Like and comments on photos:

After increasing your ‘following’ list, engage yourself in liking and commenting on the pictures you are really attracted to. This will show your name on the comments and your profile will be visited by lot of people. If you are an active user your follower list will increase. Again reply to the comments made by followers in your pictures. This will maintain the follower base.  Respond to any interesting comments and thank your followers in case of compliments. If you face a question from any of your follower, think, take a time to answer it.


Connect your Facebook account:

You can add your intagram account with your face book account. Actually this will give your pictures a double exposure. Any uploads done on Instagram will also be viewed on face book. You can gain number of followers through this process.


Using hash tags:

Hash tags are small phrases or words starting with # symbol. Actually this is used to categorize the image. People can search your photos easily as it links your photos to current trends.  To reach a large number of people hash tagging is very essential. To can take a help from webstagram to know about the popular hash tags. Avoid using a number of hash tags in a single upload because it makes your image look very spammy. You have a large amount of followers you can also create your own hash tags.


Geo- tagging:

It is also a very useful technique to reach people from a particular location. In Instagram people make searches with locations. Again this will help you to reach many people from same location. And if your profile is really interesting you are going to gain a number of followers.


Using Third party softwares:

Actually making your profile very popular is a crucial process in Instagram. Still if you try out all these above mentioned process you are surely gaining a great number of followers.  There are some third party softwares like Nitrogram, Instastock etc. which can boost up your popularity.  You can also take a try of them if you get some help.


Charlotte Johnson
Charlotte Johnson

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