Free Jupiter 9 Nail Art Ideas For Lazy Girls

9 Nail Art Ideas For Lazy Girls

The more you look for nail art ideas and designs more you got confused, right? Don’t blame yourself babe, you’re not actually a lazy but the one who is seriously conscious about the nails and what should be the perfect nail paint. Don’t worry, we got you stylish and demanding nail art ideas so as to end your confusion and hunt for the nail art designs. Most of the times, you may focus on ‘that’ funky or sexy outfit, hair styling  and makeup but in between all this mayhem, nail art gets ignorance, not ignorance but actually, you got no time to perform a nail art since your hands are quite busy in doing other things.Scroll down to check out the nail art ideas for lazy girls.

Nail Art Ideas For Lazy Girls

Glitter gradient nail art:

Impressive and easy to create are the glitter gradient nail art designs that girls are huge fan of. Starting from giving your nails a base color, you can then dab them. Once you’re done with dabbing let your nails get dry and then you can start from thin coat of paint and in the end make sure to provide it a final top coat for better finishing.

Use gel pen and tapes:

Well, you can call it a hack! Hacks are really helpful and you can go beyond the creativity in no time and less labour work. When it comes to make the nail art looks inviting and attractive, you may think of a professional artist, but by using gel pen and sticky tapes it can be done easily.First paint the regular nail polish and make the smooth and fine detailing over it. Now, you got to let it dry and then tape it for sometime so you can continue with other nail polish coat.

Create sparky lines:

Sparky lines are shining and can be recognized easily even though you got small nails! You can create sparky lines with sparkle pen or paint, make sure when you make the designs and lines do it slowly slowly or you’ll ruin it.

French nail art:

Frech nail art designs ! Sounds cool, isn’t? There are plenty of French nail art ideas i.e. sequined, water decal designer tips, Duo colored French tips and so on! French tips give an adorable and edgy touch to bring that class to your nail art design.

Matte nail polish with tips:

Need to say anything about matte nail polish? If you got the decent matte nail polish, then paint your nails with it and décor your nails with considering in mind that you got to end up it with creating tips on nails. This way you’ll have the brilliant and enticing

Silver is sexy!

Let your nails shine bright and let them reflect the sun shine back to the eyes of ‘those’ gals and guys! Just silver nail paint nothing else! You could have this nail art with no time as it won’t take your much time.

Yellow for the spring-y mood!

Yes, yellow may look vibrant and classy so will strengthen your nails art that you’re going to have in spring season. Moreover, in addition to that making some flower designs over nails could make you that one to nail the spring season.

Black and white for short nails!

Yes, you can do a lot with nails if you got big nails that you have grown for days. But, if you’re blessed with small nails then no need to worry about that, black and white combo can bring that astounding presentation to your nails.

Try the marble design:

Yes, creating a marble effect to your nails is not a rocket science. Best would be if you get water marble nail polish to do so. Marble effects to nails will enhance the nail design and glorify the styling sense.

Have you enjoyed the aforesaid nail art ideas for lazy girls? If yes, then you will surely try out these and in case we want you to assist you, please feel free to let us know.

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