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Life-Saving Travel Tips for the New Normal


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we dine, how we socialize, and how we make plans for the future. This also goes for the way we travel. If you travel a lot, the pandemic may have slowed down your lifestyle for a few months. However, things are going back to normal now. As airline companies are offering new flights, air travel is available.


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But as tempting as it is to head for your next travel destination, it is important to remember that the world is still suffering from a major pandemic. And if you are traveling in the current situation, there is still a risk involved. So before you set out on your next journey, you should be as prepared as possible. Here are some life-saving travel tips for the new normal.

Life-Saving Travel Tips for the New Normal

Bring the right gear

If you are going to travel, you should make sure that you have the right gear. Sightseeing and visiting new places are all well and good, but it does not mean that you should be careless. You may be on a vacation, but the Coronavirus is definitely not taking a break. So you should be as prepared as possible before you set off.

Prepare a travel pack that contains key prevention materials. It should include your face-masks, hand sanitizers, gloves, and a first-aid kit for good measure. There are many types of hand sanitizers, but not all of the ones sold in grocery stores are effective against the COVID-19 virus.

This is why you should know what is being mixed into your hand sanitizers. There are even high shear mixers to customize your hand-sanitizers and make it as potent as possible.

Having an emergency pack like this may seem excessive. However, you should remember that there is an ever-present threat of getting infected, and you should arm yourself with the right tools.

Stay away from crowds


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Social distancing does not end when you travel. In truth, the need to follow the rule increases even further. When you travel, there will be times where you will be exposed to crowds. It can be at the airport, the train or on a bus. And as tempting as it is to forget the social distancing rule, it is important that you stay vigilant.

If you’re in the airport waiting for your flight, don’t mix in with people you don’t know. If you are waiting in line, always insist to follow the rule. If you are going to ride on a plane or bus, follow the guidelines set by the airline or bus company. Staying away from people may seem like anti-social behavior. But during such times of uncertainty, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Have yourself tested before and after you travel

The Covid-19 pandemic is very infectious. The symptoms can be quite deceptive and slow to show themselves. One of the most prevalent ways to get the Coronavirus is through travel. You can jump from one country to another and contract the disease unknowingly. This is why you should have yourself tested before and after your trip. That way, once you arrive at your destination, you can be confident in saying that you don’t have the virus. It is also imperative that you have yourself tested when you come back home. Traveling can be risky, and it always helps to double-check before coming home.

Bring the right paperwork

As it was stated earlier, it always pays to have yourself tested. But aside from getting teste, it is also important that you have the right paperwork. You don’t want to arrive at the airport, only to be detained because you lack the proper paperwork.

So before you go on your trip, make sure that you have your medical and travel history papers ready. Your medical history is proof that you had yourself tested and that you don’t have the virus so you are fit for travel. Your travel history shows where you have been within the past 14 days. Most airlines and consulates check these papers before giving you permission to travel.

Familiarize yourself with the proper guidelines

Aside from having the right paperwork, it is also important that you know the Covid-19 guidelines of the place you are visiting. They may have more relaxed or stricter rules for controlling the pandemic. If you are totally unaware of these rules, you may get into a lot of trouble. Some countries have even imposed a lockdown on their citizens to keep them safe.

If you visit these countries, you may find yourself struggling to get back home. So before you set out on your next travels, do some research. Make sure that the country you are visiting does not have strict guidelines on the pandemic.

Be sensitive to other people’s conditions during the pandemic


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Covid-19 has hit various countries and a multitude of people have been affected. So if you visit a country that has been hard hit by the pandemic, be sensitive to their plight. If you visit a beach resort or restaurant, but they have closed their doors due to the virus. Please don’t post a disparaging review or get angry at the people who run it. Remember that the pandemic has changed a multitude of lives. And millions of people are still suffering from it. So please be considerate, and treat others with respect during these uncertain times.


The Coronavirus has made traveling a lot more difficult. There are guidelines that we have to follow, and we have to deal with a great deal of uncertainty. But with these key tips, you are now armed with the right knowledge to travel with safety and confidence.

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