Free Jupiter Introduction To Street Art Types: A Beginners Guide How To

Introduction To Street Art Types: A Beginners Guide How To

Have you ever viewed different artistic expressions represented in the street in the form of protest or as a powerful artistic representation of an aspect of popular or old traditional culture of a particular area? This art is popularly known as street art which is usually used to convey a striking revolutionary message that condemns society with irony. Surprisingly, the street art has inspired everything from graffiti font families to window displays and even beyond that….yes, for sure!


Street art includes various forms of artwork – very rich in detail, ranging from graffiti to stencil, through sticker, poster-bombs, installations, interventions, yarn bombing, screen printing, flash mob, etc. However, introduction to street art types is simply incredible and has reached far new heights. Remember not all street art is same. The types of street art may vary and are often changing.

Today, in the post you can see 7 different types of street art that perhaps you may or you may not have noticed my dear friends!

Introduction To Street Art Types



Really, something amazing and unique to look at! It’s all about – painting a paper or a cardboard cutout the help of a handmade stencil to create an outstanding image that can easily be recreated after sometime. The design you choose is cut out of a selected medium and the image is transferred to a plain surface through the use spray paint.

Art Intervention!


Are you planning to bring some change in the existing system? Don’t worry, it’s easy! Art intervention pays a key role in introduction to street art type. It is a process of intervening with old art works, with people or a specific area. If you’re not in favor of a particular artwork, you can use art interventions to protest them.



Are you looking for a funky, cool street art type? Graffiti is there! It’s made by spray paints and markers that can either be used for displaying art or may display a serious social message. Interestingly, graffiti’s are known to be there since ancient Egypt and Roman times and can still be found many places around the globe. Usually, graffiti artists leave their initials along with their artwork.

Wood Blocking!


Wood blocking is quite common and you can easily spot them on walls. It’s an artwork painted on a small portion of plywood and attached to street signs with bolts….wow, fabulous! You can call it as a form of graffiti used to cover a poster, sign or any other piece of advertisement that’s visible.

Stickers and Posters (sticker bombing, sticker tagging)


Don’t you think homemade stickers and posters deserve to be among perfect introduction to street art types list? The stickers and posters act as an easy medium to display your images and convey your message in public spaces. Come on….future artists! If you really wish to change the world, don’t hesitate while moving on this path.

Yarn Bombing!


Why don’t you go for colorful displays? There is no harm in being creative….yeah! Yarn bombing is the right choice which emphasizes on colorful displays of knitted or crocheted cloth rather than paint or chalk. You may find other forms of graffiti may be decorative, expressive, socio-political commentary, but yarn bombing is exclusively famous for beautification and creativity.

Video Projections!


Yes, you can call it as an interactive form of street art. It’s a technique where video projections are made on wall or a large building creating interesting images and animations.   One must try to learn this technique, as people are quite interested in watching video projections, if they get a chance! Like me…!




Introduction to street art types is a platform which proves to be inspirational to those street artists, who either wanted to brighten up their neighborhoods or want to highlight political points.

Charlotte Johnson

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