12 Interesting Math Hacks to Make The Calculation Lot Easier

Maths opens your school door and closes you in the dread of prison door! You can’t deny to this fact because maths is like easier said than done. Most of us aren’t a fan of maths because it is counted as one of the most difficult subjects and difficulty level increases with your increase in age. I can’t guarantee you that life hacks will escort to a right verve but when you have got some right math hacks it will surely take away all the nervousness from you. Let’s take a roller coaster ride to some easy math hacks.Exams are near and you have no idea what other meaning “pi.z.z.a” have if not yummy fast-food. Read this Interesting Math Hacks  and you will love your life.Are you a painting lover? Then check out this painting tips for begginers.

Interesting Math Hacks




Sometimes, it gets unbreakable to find percent of numbers. Don’t worry, I have got a simpler way for you.

To find a percent number (example- 50% of 600) Divide both the percentage by 10 and then multiply them. (5*60= 300).



If you need to leave a 15% tip, here is the easy way to do it. Work out 10% (divide the number by 10), then add that number to half its value and you have your answer:

15% of $25 = (10% of 25) + ((10% of 25) / 2)

$2.50 + $1.25 = $3.75

The Number Of Pi.


Sometimes the only to answer to maths question is a question i.e. WHY?.It gets difficult to remember the number of Pi. I have got an easy trick for you.

You can calculate the number of Pi ( 3.1415926) by counting each word’s letter in “May I have a large container of Coffee).

Multiply by 11.


I know you have got multiplication tables on your tip. But, what happens when it comes to solving big problems. It confuses you like a torment.

When it comes to multiplication of 11, you need to follow two steps.

For example- 27*11

Step 1- Split the number in two simple digits. 2& 7

Step 2- Add both of them and consider that number as your middle digit. For example-  2+7= 9. Therefore, your final answer will be 297.

Big hurdles with big multiplications


Your mind starts encompassing when it comes to large multiplication numbers. Ultimately, Maths convinces you to leave that question. Don’t you worry, Math has got some cheat codes as well.

For example- 97* 96= ?

Step 1- 97= 100-3

96= 100-4

Step 2- Add 3& 4 ( = 7) and subtract the 7 from 100 ( 100-7= 93)

Step 3- Multiply 3&4 (= 12)

Step 4- Combine the answers of step2 and step 3. ( 9312)

Your answer is ready within 2 seconds.

Quick square- Hard puzzle


If you need to square a 2-digit number ending in 5, multiply the first digit by itself plus 1, and put 25 on the end.

Step1 – 252 = (2x(2+1)) & 25

Step2- 2 x 3 = 6

Step 3- 625

Divisibility of 5


If you want to divide a hefty number with 5 then you just need to multiply the digits by 2 and shift one decimal to the left.

For example- 195*2= 390

( Divide a decimal to one left I.e. 39.0 or 39)

So your answer is 39 when 195 is divided by 5.

Subtract your number from 1000


Sometimes, even subtraction gets wrong when you aren’t left with much time. Here’s a simple key to save your time.

To subtract a large number from 1,000, subtract all but the last number from 9, then subtract the last number from 10:

1000 – 648 = ?

Step 1: subtract 6 from 9 = 3
Step 2: subtract 4 from 9 = 5
Step 3: subtract 8 from 10 = 2

Answer: 352

Playing multiplication with 4


The trick is to multiply your number by 2 then again multiply with 2 and then add both the numbers.


Step-1 64*2= 128

Step2- 64*2= 128

Step3- Add both the numbers. 128+128= 256.

Table of 9


It’s very easy to remember the table of 9. Let’s talk about 9 table till 9*10. If you will observe then you will notice that the answer of each answer follows a pattern.


9*2= 18

9*3= 27


9*5= 45

9*6= 54

9*7= 63

9*8= 72

9*9= 81

9*10= 90.

While we look at this table we observe that first digits of each answer is in ascending order while the second digit of every answer is in descending order. It’s easy to observe and learn.

Fractions of whole numbers


Illustrating it with an example.  ¾ 24.

Reverse Zorro! Starting at the bottom , 24 goes 6 times in 4.

6 times of 3 is 18. 18 is your answer.

Squaring numbers


So say you’ve got a number, x, that you want to square.First, find the difference between x and the nearest multiple of ten, and call that difference d.Then, multiply (x-d) and (x+d). This should be much easier, because one of the numbers will be a multiple of ten (based on how we defined d). After multiplying (x-d) and (x+d), just add d2, and you’ve got your square.

Example: Say you want to find the square of 77. The closest multiple of ten is 80, so d will be 80 – 77 = 3. Then 77 + 3 = 80, and 77 – 3 = 74.Multiplying these together is pretty straightforward: 74 x 80 = 70 x 80 + 4 x 80 = 5,600 + 320 = 5920. Add in the 32 = 9, and we get 5929 as our square of 77.Once you get the hang of this method, it’s a good bit quicker and easier than trying to attack 772 head on.

In conclusion, these tricks will make you a math genius in your daily life routine for sure! Commit these tips to memory and then you’re all set to put  your maths paper on fire.

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