How To Light Up Your Gaming Room

Every good gamer’s dream is to have a badass gaming room that helps set the tone for a good gaming experience. Having good technology, comfortable chairs, and prime viewing screens creates a superb gaming area.



As with many other aspects, lighting is an integral part of gaming. For the best gaming experience, here are a few ideas that you can use to light up your gaming area in the most exquisite way.

Why light up your gaming room?

It’s quite crucial to understand why you should light up your gaming room in the first place. Well, here are some reasons why lighting up your gaming area is essential:

To protect your eyes- The blue light emitted from the screen can be quite damaging to your eyes, especially if you are used to playing in the dark. Lighting up your gaming room creates the perfect contrasting environment that does not affect your eyes.

To Improve Your Surroundings– The best gaming experiences are ethereal, almost surreal. Having gaming lights appropriate for your gaming environment allows you to concentrate on your gaming, immerse yourself in the gaming world, and remain calm during high-stakes scenarios.

To add character- light up your gaming room is not only for you but also for your friends when they come over for a game night. Having well-placed lights will ensure that your friends have an unforgettable night of gaming.

Lighting creates the right atmosphere-ordinary lights in a gaming room simply stare back at you blankly. As a result, it is critical to consider lighting ideas that are cool, inviting, relaxing, and entirely immersive for both your and the guest’s experiences.

To create a spotlight effect-  imagine this! You’ve had enough of your game. Consider a set of lights that changes colors every few seconds. This will stimulate your brain, making the game more interesting and enjoyable to play.

To Create a unique environment-The main reason for lighting up your gaming room is to make it stand out from the rest of the house. Imagine a room with galactic effects emanating from the ceiling and walls. These are not always present in every location where you go. As a result, having these scenes allows your escape to the gaming room to be unique.

Types of Lighting To Use

1.LED Lights




LED lights come in a variety of colors that help create peaceful and relaxing environments. Some combine “nebulous” LEDs with pointed lasers to create a lighting effect that drifts peacefully around your gaming area. For a unique experience, you can opt to purchase a floor led display screen for your gaming room. Their low radiation heat coupled with high energy efficiency will ensure you enjoy your games more and help save on your power bills while at it.





They create patterns that spread across your room of starry nights or wispy galaxies. Aim your skylight projector at a wall or tilt it so that it reaches the ceiling. Set the lights to pulse or stay stationary, or remove the stars and only project a sky. With galaxy lights, you have a plethora of options for achieving the ideal game room lighting. The benefits and drawbacks of Skylight are quite clear.


3.Laser Lights




Lasers provide an energy-efficient lighting solution that produces rich, vibrant colors. Lasers are perturbed into thousands of smaller beams. When you use indoor laser lights in your gaming room, you get lighting with a lot of character and just the right amount of brightness.

4. Projection Lights




Whether you use laser light bulbs that screw into your light fixtures or standalone, plug-in laser projectors, your projection lights will transform any room into a relaxing environment. You can set up your gaming room exactly how you want it with laser light projectors, and because these projectors are small and portable, changing up your lighting scheme will only take a few moments.

5. Portable Lights




Projectors aren’t the only portable lights for your gaming room. StartPort Laser USB, for example, can be plugged directly into your laptop, portable charger, gaming console, or smart TV. You can not only move portable lights between rooms quickly, but you can also bend the main wire so that your lights point wherever you want.

Things To Consider When Choosing Lights For Your Gaming Room

Gaming room lights have so many options to choose from, such as projectors, portable lights, and skylights, that could all be suitable. How do you know which one is the best? Be sure to use these tips when met with such a dilemma:

  • Know how much light you need

The requirements of your lights will usually depend on the size of your gaming room. Normally, small gaming spaces require less lighting. With these, you can quickly get away by using a skylight of the laser projector. If you have a whole room or basement dedicated to gaming, you will need more light to ensure that your room is well lit up. Check the room lighting guidelines to know how much light you need in a room. 

  • Decide where to place your Lights

Where you place your light significantly affects how your room will appear, both to you and your guests. If you require lighting behind your gaming console, a portable gaming room light that plugs directly into your console is the ideal solution. If you want to create a full-room immersion effect, projectors can do it without getting in the way.

  • Know Your Budget 

In as much as lighting your gaming room is essential to you. It is crucial to know how much you have budgeted for and how much you are willing to spend. If you had a low budget, you might want to consider lights that will be perfect for your gaming setup and pocket. Understand how to budget for your purchases for better decisions on your gaming lights.

The Bottom Line

The gaming experience preference differs from gamer to gamer, and lighting is an essential aspect of it. So, whether you choose LED, laser, or portable lights, what matters is that you create an environment that is suitable to your ideal gaming setup. So check out the one that works for you and enjoy your gaming.


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