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How to Break the Habit of Procrastinating

Procrastination is simply annoying! As a student, you know how it feels when you have an important assignment to submit or a deadline that’s approaching, but you can’t find yourself getting to face it, rather, you keep postponing it while you are glued to social media, a movie or even your favorite game, until you get into a rush on the eve of your submission and you turn in a weak paper when you really know you could have done better, and that exactly is what procrastination does!



Procrastination steals the time of many students, reduces the productivity of workers and people all over the world, and even as you read this, someone somewhere is still pushing starting an assignment to a later time, write my essay online and another person experiencing the consequences of procrastination. Often, we find ourselves also in this not-too-pleasant situation, we know we need help, and we wonder how we can break this awful practice, and this article provides you with practical solutions to break the habit of procrastination.

How to Break the Habit of Procrastinating

Set your goals


If you have been caught up in the web of procrastination, the first and perhaps the most useful action that can hit procrastination in the eye is goal setting. Goals enable you to have plans that will guide your efforts in the most efficient ways and make you focused on achieving your aims and targets.

The most useful method of setting goals is to make them SMART – that is, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound. When these elements are included in your goal setting, and you know how to fix procrastination into powerless pieces, do it. You will have the best results for tasks assigned to you and get out of yourself better efficiency.

Organize your tasks into steps

Next to setting meaningful goals is to organize your tasks into reasonable steps. Every task, even the most difficult ones can if broken into bits can be made to be less burdensome and bulky. It is well established that many people postpone tasks because it is gigantic and not appealing.

Organizing your tasks should be accompanied with a time-frame assigned to every bit of the work process and with this, you will be able to track your progress and know how well you are advancing in the course of your schedule for solving the problem at hand. A great tip is to make each task creative and appealing to you so you can be always eager to do them.

Start off with difficult work


One mistake we often make in the process of doing the tasks in our schedules is to start with most comfortable ones and push those that appear difficult to a later time. The fact is that this doesn’t help, and rather than prevent procrastination, it subtly breeds it. Facing the most difficult challenges in work helps you do the least desirable parts of the job when your motivation is high and in the process help you cruise through the easy parts which you’ve scheduled for later periods.

Therefore, highlight the difficult aspects of your assignments, plan means by which you can tackle them first and when you have solved them, you can then cruise through the parts that you are most comfortable with.

Get Distractions away from your reach



Now, you’ve made up your mind to attack the task ahead of you, but Instagram is staring right into your face, and you are getting feeds from your favorite celebrities, also, you have your friends are hanging around, feeding you with the updates of matches that played over the weekend – all these and other little things are distractions that can make you procrastinate on and on.

Imagine if you just make up your mind to work on the subject at hand for some time then come to watch or view the updates you have missed later; you will definitely achieve more than you can imagine in that period. Always remember that procrastination works in partnership with distractions to take your mind off the essential things you need to do!



Many times, the problem with procrastination is that you keep the things you are meant to do to yourself a lot and this makes you linger on and on and prevents you from doing the needful. What you simply need to do some times is to tell someone who can push you to do more and keep tabs on your schedules and ask if you are following them.

How not to procrastinate sometimes is just to keep friends or partners who you are accountable to make you work diligently on and swiftly on the things you need to do.

Challenge yourself


One of the ways how to avoid procrastination is to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and dare things which you won’t attempt on a normal day. Challenging yourself brings you to the optimal utilization of your potentials, and you will be amazed to see how much you can do in a limited time and in a resource-constrained system if you are challenged.

Reward your progress


If you work hard, allow yourself to be rewarded! When you keep to your goals and schedules effectively, give room for some tiny bits of reward, like going to check the updates you’ve missed while you have been away working yourself hard or getting a nice drink or snack with a movie you wished to have seen when you were out working.

These little rewards allow you to have something to look forward to after a constant adherence to your task schedules and make productivity fun.

Use a partner


Keeping a partner can help you track and compare your progress at the task which you are engaged in – this way you are kept in check and able to know whether you are slowing down or moving at the expected pace. However, ensure your partner isn’t one who chronically procrastinates also; doing this will do no good for your goals.

Take breaks


Don’t be a Jack by only working without leaving a slight chance for a break! Breaks allow you to unwind and get refreshed so you can efficiently tackle the roles ahead. Your breaks could also be a form of rewards, it is recommended that you take short breaks between tasks rather than work for so long and plan to get a long break.

Just do it!


No matter the number of tips you know on breaking procrastination, if you keep procrastinating, it will make no difference, and in the true sense, the job would be done, therefore, you just have to start doing something about your project or work assigned to you, otherwise, nothing would be get done. Know that there can never be a completely perfect time to start, therefore, just start doing something and watch how much you will be able to achieve!

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