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How Does Chronograph Watch Work?


What comes to mind when you think of chronograph watches? Multipurpose timepieces with pushers, subdials, and multiple hands? Of course, chronographs are the pinnacle of every premium wristwatch, and it is only logical that more people understand how they work.

How Does Chronograph Watch Work?

What is a chronograph watch?


Chronograph often depicts the time-recording feature of timepieces, enabling them to perform the generic function of timers and stopwatches. In addition to the standard display of time, the chronograph watch is used to measure periods during regular activities. Like some of the Filippo Loreti Chronograph Collection, this category of wristwatches sometimes boasts of a tachymeter scale, which is used to calculate speed and distance. Examples are the Ascari Grand Prix GP 1950, 1951, 1952, and 1953.

The multitool function of the chronograph, more than any other watch complication, accounts for its title as the ‘fan favorite’. It is not surprising that a large number of the Filippo Loreti chronograph watches flies the ‘best-seller’ flag.

Purpose of chronograph watches

The definition pretty much gives away the ultimate goal of having a chronograph in a watch. It all began when a renowned horologist, President Eisenhower, urged three test pilots and astronauts at NASA to equip themselves with a chronograph before their flight. As life-threatening complications occurred during the flight, forcing everyone to believe the astronauts wouldn’t make it back to earth, their capsule landed safely on earth two days later. It was learned that while all onboard computers failed, their chronograph watch was able to time an engine burn to regain entry into earth.

As soon as the Americans discovered that the chronograph, beyond style and aesthetics, was a life-saving feature, more horologists started to incorporate the complication in watches. Nowadays, the application of the chronograph is seen in the military, commercial, and sports communities where time recording is very critical to success. 

Why chronograph watches differ from other types of watches

Filippo Loreti’s chronograph watches for men continue to evolve beyond the limits of age and technology. An appealing stretch from aesthetics and functionality, the chronograph complication distinctly times events. Take a look at the Odyssey Moss Rose Gold Rubber. What do you see? While the former is designed to measure time, including the day and date of the month, the latter is designated explicitly for measuring time and time lapses – as shown by the dials at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock.


Undisputedly the most alluring horological style in watches, the chronograph continues to push boundaries in the industry. And it starts at Filippo Loreti.

What are the smaller dials for?

One look at the Pilot Piper suggests why the chronograph function is continuously misunderstood. Although outwardly complicated, using the chronograph is incredibly simple – one pusher starts and stops the chronograph, and the other reset it. Take, for example, the Ascari Two-Tone Gold Steel Link has two pushers on the sides – one at 2 o’clock that controls the start/stop functions and the other at 4 o’clock for resets. While this model records the minutes and hours elapsed, the Pilot Piper includes a subdial that measures elapsed seconds. Typically, you wouldn’t find these details in analog watches. 


When the stopwatch is not in use, always reset the chronograph to avoid continuous strain on the movement, which in turn results in wear. Generally, chronograph timepieces have two subdials that represent the minutes and the hours, as displayed by the Ascari Collection and can measure up to 12 hours of periods. Others have only a small-seconds dial and minute display will usually measure up to 60 minutes. Every Filippo Loreti chronograph series – Ascari, Pilot, and Odyssey – have two pushers that control the start/stop and reset functions, and up to three buttons that start, stop and reset the measurement of time.

What are the extra functionalities of chronograph watches?

The Filippo Loreti chronograph series may include the tachymeter on the bezel, which measures distance-based speed. This feature permits the conversion of elapsed time as desired – you may convert from seconds per unit to speed in units per hour. It all depends on the dials (or subdials) on the wristwatch.


Benefits of owning a chronograph watch

Far from being aesthetically inviting, chronographs on watches present more uses that are given credit for. Their versatile nature also avails its multifunction ability, where it is suitable for fashion, casual outings, and sports. When you buy from the Filippo Loretti chronograph series, you get:

  • Two watches in one – Since they function as a watch and stopwatch, with a tachymeter in select designs, you get real value for your money. The sophisticated styling and precise timing of all the Filippo Loreti chronograph collection are absolute stunners too. Even though the industry standard is to produce chronographs at high rates (to lower cost), our ‘made-to-order’ approach controls the quality and design of our watches, increasing its overall value among fans. It is one of the reasons we are known for the best men’s watches prices.
  • Aesthetics – The intricate, yet the creative design of chronograph watches is a sight for sore eyes. Across our series, what you will come to appreciate is the iconic artwork that represents the pioneer of that series, reminding you of their legacy in the industry. Combined with performance, the distinct look of our chronograph collection is unique in the market.
  • Total watch experience – Its multi-talented nature speaks highly of the watch experience you are bound to enjoy.

Among our best sellers is the Ascari Two-Tone Gold Steel Link,  Ascari Indigo Rose Gold Rubber, Odyssey Gold Black Link, and Ascari Grand Prix GP 1952. Make your choice according to your budget and end-use. Thankfully, the wide price range at Filippo Loreti eases selection.

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