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Holiday Giving: How To Make It More Meaningful


Around this time of year, people are already making preparations for Christmas, some even as early as September. Family members are drawing up lists of gifts to buy, children are wondering whether Santa will come, and many people are pondering what they can do to help those in need.

With all the focus on shopping and gift-giving, there is a serious side to this season of giving. Everyone can give — whether it’s time or money — and everyone benefits from the kindness of others.

But sometimes, that kindness can be a little overwhelming for those who receive it. When people donate things they don’t need anymore, help them feel grateful by offering to take it off their hands if they’d like you to have it. That way, you won’t put anyone out or overwhelm them with your generosity.

What makes a meaningful gift?


Adding your own touch to something you’ve wrapped gives it extra meaning. If you want to go beyond the traditional bow, try giving your loved one a gift they can decorate themselves.

For example, for parents of new babies, give an empty wall in their home and some paint, so they can make it feel like they’re still at home while away caring for their newborn child (something most hotels don’t allow). Allowing them to make their “home-away-from-home” truly theirs will be appreciated more than any store-bought items they could receive.

Giving doesn’t always have to be about doing something big for someone else; some of the best gifts are the ones given with no strings attached, just to let someone know that you love them.

Most people will give gifts for their own personal or family benefit, to enjoy the happiness that comes from seeing others happy. Giving cheerfully is always a beautiful thing and can improve your mood, but it’s also important to try to make your gift-giving meaningful.

Not sure how? Here are some ways you can give a gift that means something:

Donate Money


Donate money in someone else’s name instead of buying them a physical presence. Anonymously gifting money lets them know that they’ve been thought of this holiday season without having to worry about what you think about their tastes (and allows them to buy themselves something they like better).

Volunteer in Organizations


Volunteer to help build houses for those in need or adopt a family that is struggling to make ends meet this holiday season. There are organizations all over the world that can use your help. Giving back to your community and those in need will show that you care. You can volunteer in animal shelters or elderly homes. It’s important to make sure you’re giving back to your community in some way, even when you can’t specifically donate.

Donate Toys and Books


Give them to children who otherwise might not receive any presents at Christmas time. This act of generosity will undoubtedly leave an even bigger smile on their faces than something you could have bought them yourself would have done!

A lot of big corporations allow their employees to match money donated by their employees to charitable organizations. If you’re doing something like donating food or toys in someone’s name (and if they work for a corporation that does this matching program), ask if their employer offers the same service. This way, you can effectively double the amount of money you are donating.

Give Anonymously


Put money in an envelope with no return address and simply give it away to someone you know who needs the extra cash! Trust me — that $20 bill will mean much more to them than to you.

Give From Your Heart


Buy handmade items made by other artists rather than store-bought presents. Everyone will know where it came from and what you did, but they’ll appreciate it, even more, knowing that you put real thought into your gift! You can support young designers who are just starting this way, too!

If you don’t know any artists, you can always make it on your own. Handmade or custom-made cards from you are a wonderful thing that a lot of people will appreciate since it’s a priceless gift that you’ve put energy and time in.

Give A Service


You can offer to babysit or provide childcare for a young family so that the parents can have some time together. Remember, the true spirit of the holidays is giving, so give them a gift that means you’ll be taking on extra responsibility for their benefit!

Offer to walk an older relative’s dog, rake leaves for someone who needs help keeping up with yard work during autumn, or babysit for a single parent whose friends all suddenly have planned the night before Christmas. You might not get anything back in return (unless they can pay you), but your kindness will make someone feel more at ease and like they’re not alone during this hectic time.

Gift-giving is one of the many beautiful parts of Christmas, but it’s also an opportunity to help others less fortunate than yourself! It doesn’t have to be expensive either — there are plenty of ways to give while keeping your wallet in mind. Always remember that while receiving is great, giving feels just as good too!

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