Free Jupiter 12 Free And Young Bird Tattoo Designs

12 Free And Young Bird Tattoo Designs

If we start talking about birds, there will be no end of it. Actually, there are about 10,000 species of birds in the world, how can we talk about all of them in a single article? But yes, we all know that most of the humans are fascinated towards birds. This love and fascination for the birds made them one of the best tattoo designs. This article deals with bird tattoo designs and you will come to know about some trendy bird tattoo designs that are very meaningful and also trendy. So being a bird lover don’t ever think of missing this article.


Symbolization of birds is nothing new to us. It’s from the time of mythology that birds are always symbolized as a sign of power and struggle. Again, some birds to portray some different meanings and it completely depend on the particular tradition and culture. So you will have to know that the meaning of different birds differ from each other and you will have to select which one suits the best with your personality. Here we have collected 12different bird tattoo designs and the details about them. So let’s have a look into all of them.

Bird Tattoo Designs

Bluebird Tattoo:


The bluebirds are only seen to be portrayed in the nautical tattoos. For example, you will find bluebird tattoos very popular among the sailors. The bluebirds are portrayed in tattoo to represent the experience of that particular sailor. In addition, the color blue signifies the sky and that represents happiness. Native Americans think it as a sign of health and prosperity.

Duck Tattoo:


The bird Duck signifies a variety of meanings. If you ever dream of a duck, it is believed that you are going to have a great fortune ahead. Duck is always the symbol of patience, as they are never seen in a hurry. Again, if you include a lotus stem in the beak of a duck, according to Chinese culture it represents good fertility.

Peacock Tattoo:


So if you are looking for a colorful and attractive bird tattoo, then you must go with a peacock tattoo. Peacock tattoo is regarded as a symbol of boldness and luxury. So if you really have a love for luxury, you should go for peacock tattoo.

Crane Tattoo:


According to the Greek mythology, crane was the bird of Apollo. It is also said that crane is a symbol of endurance as they can easily fly over a long distance. Crane is also a very disciplined bird hence; this can also be your meaning. Japanese people believe that cranes carry human souls to the heaven. And if you have a thirst for wisdom, crane tattoos is the ideal one for you.

Crow Tattoo:


Though this bird don’t have any good reputation around the world, but still, crow tattoo is also very popular among some tattoo wearers. Crow is regarded as the bearer of bad news and death.

Eagle Tattoo:


There is nothing to tell Americans about the Eagle. Greeks believed it as the emblem of Zeus (The highest God). Eagle is also said as the king of sky, which means that it is the symbol of kings. Being a symbol of sun, eagle is also said as the symbol of wisdom.

Swallow Tattoos:


This tiny bird holds a variety of meaning with them. For some people, it represents as the symbol of hope. Again, for some people it is a sign of loyalty. So get your swallow tattoo just for a good luck and protection.

Dove Tattoos:


The bird, which is mainly related to peace and love, has now made its place in the tattoos. So dove can be your symbol of victory, love, new beginnings and spirituality. Place a dove on your heel and that means you are free spirited.

Hummingbird Tattoos:


This is a very popular and beautiful bird that is known for its flying speed. It has been found that hummingbird tattoos are mainly popular among the females. Mainly the three meaning that are attached with a hummingbird tattoo is energy and hard work.

Owl Tattoo:


Owl is always said as a synonym of knowledge. If you are looking for an interesting tattoo, go for the owl tattoo. You can add great details to it. In Greek mythology, Owls were the messengers of Athena, the goddess of learning. If you are bit secretive in nature, owl tattoo is the best option for you.

Falcon Tattoos:


Falcon mainly belongs to the class of Birds of prey. Nowadays, falcon has made its place in the tattoo world and it mainly symbolizes success, focus, spirituality and protection.

Phoenix Tattoos:


A fictional bird, which is very popular in mythology. This bird is said as immortal and never dies. Phoenix tattoos mainly portray the circle of life, survival, loyalty etc.

So the bird tattoos are always in demand. If you are looking for a good bird tattoo, you should choose one by the meanings and the study about that design in details. When you are making a permanent tattoo, you will have to know in details about your tattoo design.

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