Extraordinary Ideas For A Toned Body (Complete Video Tutorial)

The summer is behind the window and you are still not ready for it? Hurry up till your vacations begin with the awesome exercises for a toned body. You may do them either in reebok womens training shoes or with your bare feet on the beach. Do them as soon as it’s possible for you to be in a beautiful shape this summer and draw the attention of the opposite sex.Click here to read some tips about socks.


Extraordinary Ideas For A Toned Body

Here is the list of extraordinary ideas for a toned body:

Plie Squats

For doing this exercise you’ll have to stand in the second position with your toes looking in opposite directions. Interlace your fingers. Expand your elbows and squat down. Then extend up. Keep your knees pointing away from you.

Calf Raises

Then pause and hold the second position plie. Put one hill off the floor. Do it with the second one too. Stay low with your hips. It might be difficult, but once you do it, it’s gonna strengthen your legs.

Toe Squat

Then hold it and try to lift both the hills. Find the balance. Slowly release the hills. Make pulse squats.

Lunge Squats

Reach your arms up. Bring your feet parallel. Open the arms to the side. Turn the right toe out and left toe in. Bend knees and take them out. The back knee should come an inch above the ground. Your front knee does not pass your front toes.

Mountain Climbers

Extend the back knee. Reach the arms forward. Chest as lower. Step into the plank position. Breathe in. Touch one of your knees with your elbow and do it with another knee. Get those knees high. Make a plank. Deep breathe in.

Mermaid Crunch

Extend your legs to the front corner of your mat. Stretch your upper hand up and touch your elbow to your knees. Then extend your legs and touch with your elbow. Get your legs high.

Elbow Drops

Do side plank and bring your top hand behind your head. Touch your elbow to the floor and open.

Do the same with your left part of the body…

Teeter Totter

Put your lower belly down. Extend your legs. Lift your opposite arm together with your opposite leg keeping them straight. Hold it. Release and switch to the other side. Keep your belly flat.

Leg Extension

Release your back all the way to the floor. The legs are extended. Bend your knees and extend. Bring back. Flex your feet on your way down and point on your way up.

Forward Stretch

Take your head and touch your knee. Take a deep breath in and out.

To understand the whole process in better and clear way, you can check the complete video tutorial.

Hope you feel great now! Wish you all the best!

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