40 Elegant Abstract Painting Ideas For Inspiration

When it comes to painting art, abstract painting wins major popularity and so is the most famous painting style now-a-days. If you look at the painting with no physical objects or designs but with unparallel visual language of shapes and size with colors then, dude this is abstract painting. This art form is a step ahead traditional painting art style and so recognized as modern art.  Today we brought you up the abstract painting ideas to lit the admirer of you or if you want to try your hands with it.


Abstract paintings ideas will leave you nothing but with the endless imagination and profound essence of creativity. Abstract painting explores the deep relationship of colors and formation with which is not likely as in case of traditional painting. Similarly, acrylic paint serves as a primer for an oil painting to give it a more enhanced finish.

Abstract Painting Ideas

Know where the abstract art comes from:



Art is what you do when you feel freedom! No rules, no limits and no perfection (imperfection is beautiful). That’s all started after World War II as to depict the reality via visual expression in painting. However, there has been big debate on where and when abstract art stared but it’s believed that it was all in late 19th century.

What exactly the abstract painting holds within itself:



An imagination, a representation and a magical atmosphere not just the image or physical body. You can say it’s a reduction is patterns. It lets an artist to portray anything beautifully with no perfection by using colors, mixing of colors or by layering of colors so the new color shines on painting. It is said that the more you see the abstract painting the more you understand the atmosphere it has given by artist.

Types of abstract painting:

Art itself is a style but when it comes to abstract painting’s style, it is a dynamic combo of Dadaism, Surrealism, Post-impressionism, Fauvism and Cubism. It’s all about contemporary spirit that the abstract painting art has showed us. Let’s dig out more about its types:

  • Post-Impressionism:abstract-painting-ideas-1The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum Arles at Night.jpgIt’s all start from this niche, in late 19th century in France and credit totally goes to Van Gogh and Gaugin. This was the time when they used this art as work or style to go against naturalism and named it as movement.
  • Surrealism:abstract-painting-ideas-3

    abstract-painting-ideas-4Avant-grade movement which helped artists to resale the incredible potential of unconscious mind in 1920. Artists painted illogical scenes, strange creatures from daily life and later which helped people to express the unconsciousness. Incredible style I must say!

  • Dadaism:abstract-painting-ideas-5


    An artist movement kind of poke fun was started after World War II which was used for expressing the ridicule intention to world what it has become after war.

  • Cubism:abstract-painting-ideas-7


    This one is the early 20th century art and introduced the Geometric shapes and collage within art form. The shapes and geometric patterns made this art style highly influential and it was in 3D formation so definitely would have surprised and stunned the people, which was architectural in real.

  • Fauvism:abstract-painting-ideas-9


    This art style belongs to Paris as it was done in 1905 but later on became exponentially famous in starting period of 20th This is unique style of painting as it includes the vivid expression and non-naturalistic use of colors. Fauvism started the using of vibrant colors and so recognized as new possibility and ideas to use colors for artists.





















Though, it’s non-objective art so you don’t have to worry about if someone is going to judge or pull out the mistakes out it. Abstract painting ideas will ensure you that the art is imperfectly perfect and it does not need to be perfect to be beautiful. It’s the representation of what you feel or whatever you want to express. As a beginner all you have to do is just draw a circle or rectangle and fill it with colors you want, could be light or dark. If you got something to share with us feel free to let us know in comment section

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