Effective Search Engine Optimization Tips for Single Page

Obviously you have heard of single page websites. Right? It is said that single pages website are not search friendly and their structure don’t goes with easy indexing. But time has changed and the web world has developed new ways in each and every sides. Nowadays there are some effective techniques to take over all the difficulties. But you have to keep in mind that single page websites are not traditional and so it might be quite challenging to optimize if you are not used to them. But you have to know all these effective search engine optimization tips. Learn here about these techniques to higher the rank of a website with a single page.

Organize your CSS

Organize your CSS

You have to place each section of contents within DIV’s which will be adjusted in the CSS. It makes you CSS easier to scan rather than having direct effect on SEO. To affect directly on the SEO you will have add CSS id names as anchor links. The serves as a keyword for search engines. Remember each and every anchor link should have a targeted keyword. And obviously every keyword should be natural and goes with context of your website. So here learn to create anchor links.

At first begin with naming a DIV:

SEO Tricks for One Page Website1 (1)

Now add the link:

SEO Tricks for One Page Website1 (2)

Multiple h1 Tags

1 - Multiple h1 Tags

In the perspective of a normal website, it would be bad to add multiple h1 Tags in a single article. But in case of a single page website the fact is quite different. Here you can multiple h1 Tags to separate the articles and make your site more search friendly. It will also help you to optimize the keyword.

Paginate your Page

2- Paginate your Page

The most difficult part of a one page website is its unpaginated architecture. So you can separate the contents on your page in an organized form. So at a point you will have to paginate your page. So if it’s a landing page then separate the contents into features, headings, reviews, contact form etc. And if your website is for business then it is suggested that you follow a traditional site format by separating the content into all the industry standards like home, about, contacts, products, blog etc.

Seek Authority

3-Seek Authority

Do you know that link building holds a way of SEO strategy? If you have any content that goes viral then this will obviously work for you. But don’t try including spammy links in random comments section instead look for including social media buttons in your website. Your duty is to make your contents sharable. And simultaneously seek authoritative link backs through guest blogs.

Don’t Neglect Readability

4-Don’t Neglect Readability

One of the primary point of any type of website. Please try to maintain the quality of your content. Actually nothing is such effective on your ranking other than an unreadable content. Understand your audience and try to deliver them the article of their choice. If you can do that automatically your website traffic will increase.

Keep Website Fresh

5-Keep Website Fresh

Thinking how to keep your website fresh? Yes it’s quite tricky. Google always provide their ranking by looking at the freshness of your website. Refresh your contents in a regular interval. It is quite necessary to refresh all the contents in your website as well as updating your website on a regular basis. If you keep your content list intact for a long time, then automatically your traffic will start decreasing as they will not find anything new on the website.

So now you have all the weapons needed to optimize a single page website and increase its ranking all over. So try working on your website from now on and within a short time you will be achieving your goal.

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