10 DIY Floral Hair Comb Ideas To Try In Weeding Party

The winter is all set and all the wedding parties, outdoor fun parties are lining up in our schedules. To add some fun and style statement to your look what about the floral hair combs? I mean who wouldn’t love to wear flowers in their hair, right. Putting blingy and all those glittery, stone embedded hair comb in the hair has always been in style but today’s article is all about the DIY floral hair comb ideas. No artificial hair comb can be prettier than a hair comb which has fresh and real floral touch to it. If you are a bride to be or are just  going to attend a party, try out  these DIY floral hair comb ideas and believe us your fragrant, subtle hairstyle would be appreciated just like a beautiful flower is appreciated.


DIY Floral Hair Comb Ideas

The Pink Affair:


Buy a hair comb from any general stores.  You can use fresh rose or else, silk flower will also do. Choose a cute variety of ribbon which matches or complements the color of flower. Textured ribbons will give your hair comb more gorgeous look.  And a perfect sense of beauty is all you need. Follow our tutorial. And Get astonished when your stuff is ready to wear.

The Violet Vibes:


Violet is the color of warmth and what about a DIY violet floral hair comb?  Gather violet shaded roses and wild flowers. You can customize your choice of flowers. Get your hair combs. Attach all the flowers through a sewing needle. Once ready, wear your DIY crown as a head gear and put your foot forward as a princess.

The Fascinating Feather and Flower:


Want a more Fairy crown? Try out this simple and stylish DIY hair comb which has feathers, fabric and silk made flower and pearls in it. All graceful and royal. You can make a topknot bun and just place the hair comb onto that.

The Multicolored Floral Beauty:


You can add more fun to your bun. Gather some vibrant colored flowers. You can try any hue starting from pink, blue to yellow. All you need is a hair comb, floral wire, floral tape and clippers. At the end, add more green and filler flowers to cover the peeping wires.

The Creamy Confession:


The creamy roses can do wonder to your look. You need 3 or 4 cream spray roses, 3 white lisianthus, 3 springs or brunia laevis and the rest you can easily get with the help of this tutorial. If you are planning to wear a full length white gown and want a dreamy touch to your appearance then this hair comb is your sure love.

The Wax Flower Hair Comb:


It’s easy to make and the best part is that it is not perishable as the original flower hair combs are. Just assemble three or four wax flows to a golden hair comb through sewing thread and your DIY comb is ready. Gift it to your BFF or use it as a party accessory.

The Peach Puff:


Add a peachy innocence to your look and make a DIY peach floral hair comb. This tutorial is all about peach colored rose and sweetpea flowers. They smell delicious and look gorgeous. What else do you want?

The Succulent and Flower Hair Comb:


You will never have a bad hair day if you have this ‘oh so beautiful’ hair accessory with you. This variation is adorned with pretty colored flowers and succulent. Use sturdy strings to assemble all of your flowers together and add them to the hair comb. Amazing and Adorable.

The Lacy Talk:


As lace will never go out of style, we are obviously going to include this all lace floral hair comb in our list. You can easily find one floral designed lace in market. Just add a bead or some sequined material to it.

The Pastel Hue:


We end with this cup cake shaded, pastel floral hair comb. Subtle, Pretty and Feminine. The tutorial tells you the rest.

Floral Hair accessories are eternal and they will never lose their place in the world of fashion and beauty. To put more emphasize on your feminine attire, floral hair combs are ‘a must have’ fashion accessories. And there are many who don’t like to go for a tiara that is a full circle hair crown. So this floral hair combs are perfect for them. Wear your hair down or make a sophisticated bun. A cool DIY floral hair comb will add the perfect doze of romance and grace to your look. And with these sorted hair comb ideas you are free to choose the perfect one for you according to your desire. So go all FLORAL.



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