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Clever Ways Technology Helps Identify A Cheating Partner


When you first start dating someone, it’s natural to be excited and anticipate spending as much time together as possible. However, if you’re suspicious that your partner is sneaky cheating on you, the time apart could be a warning sign.

Today, people often don’t know how to catch a sneaky cheater. With so many ways to communicate with others these days, it can be difficult to keep track of everything your partner might be up to – but there are some clever ways technology can help uncovered cheaters.


We will guide you everything in this article along answering the following questions:

  • How do you catch a cheating spouse using technology?
  • What hidden apps do cheaters use to communicate?

So, if people want to identify whether their partner is cheating or not with the use of technology, then keep reading this article.

Ways To Catch A Cheating Spouse Using Technology:

Technology has made it easier to catch a cheating spouse than ever before. With the use of special techniques like using VPN, checking Browser history, etc., anyone can take their suspicions of infidelity to the next level. Here are some of the best easy to check ways to catch a cheating spouse using technology.

Browser History:

There are a number of tools and tricks that can be used to try and catch a cheating spouse using the internet. One of the most effective ways to do this is by checking browser history. If you notice someone has been looking at sites like Ashley Madison or OkCupid – where people go to find affairs – it’s time to start asking questions.

Use VPN:

A VPN, or virtual private network, is a technology that allows people to browse the internet anonymously and securely. It provides a secure connection to an external server that encrypts data and routes it through another geographic location before it reaches the final destination.

One of the tricks people can do by using a VPN is installing a dating app and chatting with their partner anonymously. Since a VPN can make your IP hidden, even if partners trying to use an IP checker can’t find the original IP address. Even if my IP public – you can easily hide id. In this way, people can make sure that whether their partners are cheating with them or not.

We recommend people use VeePN due to its high privacy, security, and encryption. It also offers a free trial. VPN is also considered an advanced privacy and security measure that can provide protection against information leaks, hacking attacks, and government surveillance.

Automatic Login and Password:

Catching a cheating spouse has been made easier with technology. One way is to use automatic login and password storage which could have been enabled when the account was created, so the user may not know or remember what they typed in when creating their account.

People can use this method if they find out that their partner is using some dating platform. They can log in to their account with automatic login information and easily check all the messages. 

Keyloggers and Stalking Apps:

Keyloggers and stalking apps can be a great way to catch a cheating spouse. Keyloggers gather information such as the user’s password, keystrokes, chat messages, and more through their phone or computer.

Stalking apps can be used to track the whereabouts of a cheating spouse through social media. These two types of technology make it easier than ever for an individual to catch a cheating spouse.

GPS Trackers and Recording Devices:

Many people have been looking for ways to catch a cheating spouse. In modern times, these methods include recording devices and GPS trackers. GPS trackers can be used in a number of ways: to see who has been going in and out of the house, when they left and when they came back, or to monitor what apps they are accessing late at night.

These trackers can be placed in a vehicle, worn on a wristband, or even put in your pocket. Another way is to plant recording devices at their workplace, children’s school, or even in their home.

Mobile Device Call and Text Histories:

Mobile device calls and text histories are an easy way to catch a cheating spouse. With monitoring software like Spyzie, you can see all the texts, calls, and social media messages they make on their phone. You can find out who they’ve been talking to and even when they were doing it. Monitoring is very simple too.

Setup Auto-Notifications:

A person can’t always be physically present to know if their spouse is cheating. But a quick glance at a bank account statement or an e-mail might tell a different story. With the help of technology, people can establish rules to make it easier to catch a cheating spouse.

They can set up an auto-notification for all account statements and send notification alerts by email or text message to alert them whenever there’s activity on their credit card or any other account.

Keep a Second Phone:

Perhaps you noticed when entering the room that your spouse is hiding something sharply? Or heard an unfamiliar SMS notification sound? These could all be signs that your spouse has a second phone.

Usually, the second phone is well hidden, because it may contain juicy details of the life of the cheater. If you have found such a phone, be sure to check the sites that was visited, SMS and calls.

It will also be useful to view the chronology on Google. Perhaps your spouse was in a place unexpected for you.

So, these were some of the best tech ways that people can use to spy on their partner if they feel they are cheating. One of the most effective among them is the use of VPN, as it will hide IP addresses, and there is no chance of getting traced by your partner.

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