10 Celebrities who were also good painters

Art is not limited to the professional of that specific field. Anyone can possess those aesthetic skills without being into it.  Many celebrities have justified this statement. We all have heard the name Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso, who were celebs because of their painting skills. There are some celebrities from different fields who are not actually known for their painting skills, but their skills are as good as of professional painters. These multi-talented personalities prefer to keep their talent behind the stages. As a matter of fact, most of their die-hard fans are unknown to it.

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It does not matter if you’re born artist or a newbie to hold a paint brush! Yes, you don’t have to be a pro it’s just that when you feel like doing it just go ahead and speak your art!In this article, I am presenting you 10 celebrities who were also good painters. I bet some of the names may shock you.

Celebrities who were also good painters

Marilyn Monroe



We will start this list from the legendary stage performer and the sex symbol of 60s Marilyn Monroe. This style diva was multitalented. She even painted a rose for gifting John F. Kennedy on his birthday. However, she decided to keep it to herself. Recently, it raised a whopping amount of $78000.

Sylvester Stallone



Perhaps, this actor doesn’t need any introduction to you. The things that you know about him are just a single side of his personality. He is also a good painter.  Even his first painting “finding rocky” helped him to apprehend his characters.

George Bush



Infamous for dragging word in the war, this former American president loves to paint in his spare time. His paintings include dogs and world leaders.  He describes it as a pleasurable work.

Bob Dylan



This singer has the same levels of talent in painting as he has in singing. His crude, Hockney-lite drawings look very attractive. Last year, his works were included in the Halcyon Gallery.

Kim Gordon



Apart from being an important part of rock group Sonic youth, she also was a successful visual artist and curator.  Her works managed to make a spot at Gagosian Gaooery and White columns.

Henry Miller



This writer was very famous for turning the sexual action in a literature. Even his books were banned before the 1960s. But very few people know that he was also a good painter. Interestingly, he was very fond of painting nude women.

Winston Churchill



He was an overachiever of his time. During his regime, the Nazis were defeated. He even won Nobel prize for literature. Besides, he was also a good painter that he started after resigning from the government. He painted over 500 pictures in his painting career. Some of his highlighted works are landscapes and buildings of Marrakesh, goldfish pond at Chartwell, etc.

Jemina Kirke



She is known for promoting her blog about and girls body hair positivity. In her spare time, she paints for her Pierre Bonnard- inspired paintings. She has worked on well-known projects, such as Fouladi and Serferr. As a matter of fact, she is one of the most talented artists on this list.

Frank Sinatra



This actor cum singer has exceptional skills in paintings too. He had a traditional start on a painting that includes paintings, such as the dog portrait Ol’ Blue Eyes saw Ol’ Blue Eyes move towards abstract expressionism.

Swizz Beatz



This framed hip hop producer wasn’t limited to just music. People know him mainly for his partnerships with wife Alicia Keys and Jay-Z.  In fact, he can paint as well. The most interesting thing about him is he doing charity with the profit he earned from his artworks.

Here we have some of the celebrities who were also good painters. These multidimensional people are an inspiration for all. They have an extra hidden talent of painting behind the shine of their well-known talent.

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