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10 Pointers To Painting With Watercolor

10 Pointers To Painting With Watercolor

Water teaches us to be free like water, flow like water, shapeless like water and so on! When it comes to water color color painting, no wonder, it’s not easy to control water colors on paper.This world is full of talented canvas paintings pieces and artists as well, so is a profession for millions of

10 Tips For Getting Your First Tattoo

Engraving a tattoo on body is becoming terribly popular and considered as styling personality and body as well. If you already have catchy and meaningful tattoo design on body then you know what it means to you and your life. But if you are heading for first ever tattoo on your body part (hands, waist,

What Should Be Have To Do After Haircolor

Applying new hair color can revive your style statement and personality aura with making you look different and glamorous. You have suffered lot before getting this new glorified hair color and now real headache comes, proper care and maintenance of new hair color. You can’t be in touch with salon whenever you face the dilemma