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Discover the Hottest Kitchen Upgrade Trends 

Discover the Hottest Kitchen Upgrade Trends 

A major kitchen upgrade has the power to boost a home’s resale value by $67,212 USD, and this type of upgrade will also make a kitchen more attractive, comfortable and functional. The kitchen is the heart of a home. It’s a place where people gather to enjoy great food and conversation. When it doesn’t look fresh and appealing

How to Break the Habit of Procrastinating

Procrastination is simply annoying! As a student, you know how it feels when you have an important assignment to submit or a deadline that’s approaching, but you can’t find yourself getting to face it, rather, you keep postponing it while you are glued to social media, a movie or even your favorite game, until you


Can Healthy Finances Promote Overall Wellness?

Money can’t buy you happiness, but if you have too little of it, your health can suffer. One review published in Clinical Psychology Review showed that there is a strong link between mental illness and having financial woes. Those in debt, it seems, have a three times higher risk of also having mental conditions such as depression and