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30 Bold Body Painting Art To Express Your Personality 

30 Bold Body Painting Art To Express Your Personality 

Bold body painting Art is a form of body art where the artwork is painted directly onto the human skin. The “bold” signifies the fact that it is being painted on a naked body with high precision. Body painting is not just an art, it has a high value of the expression. Bold body painting

How The Framing Affects The Artwork

They say, don’t judge a book by its cover – which means, that when you look at it from a distance, don’t judge it. But for some things, the first impressions last long. Paintings are one amongst them – one look of the onlooker can make or break an impression, which will last for a

40 Brilliant Sculptures That Looks too Real

And the love for art drives us to places, doesn’t it? Well if you have reached here, there must be some fascination for art that has drawn you to our collection of Brilliant Sculptures That Looks too Real. It truly is God’s gift to be able to sculpt form mud, something that looks replica of a


10 Tips: How To Draw A Face For Beginners

Facial features are something that enhances the beauty of the person. While drawing or sketching a human, you got to be very careful with the face and the features of the same. The details of the face can never and should never be missed out on. Right from the muscles contracted to the contour lines,