10 Best Payment Gateway Plugins

Online shopping has become a trend nowadays. Actually it has a lot of advantage. We can order goods just sitting at home.  And after that the goods are delivered at home within a short time span. It saves a lot of our valuable time. This article is all about this topic actually not for the buyers but for the sellers. If you own a website and want to sell goods, the first thing you have to keep in mind is about a good and smart Payment gateway Plug-ins attached to your website. So you should always choose the best plug-ins to maintain a smart and easy payment procedure. A good choice will always help both you and the buyer. Here I will discuss about some best payment gateway plug-ins widely accepted in the wordpress community. bean-header

Best Payment Gateway Plugins


WordPress e-commerce Plug-in:

1 The most popular and best plug-in used in the market now. Actually it works with more or less all the wordpress themes. The plug-in is highly customizable according to your need. It comes with various options of payment like Cheque, COD, PayPal etc. It is created with a very easy installing interface.

Beanstream Gateway:

2 It is a very simple and effective plug-in mainly u[sed for wordpress. If you own a small business and want to offer payment options through credit card, this is a smart one. Actually it helps you perform the full payment procedure with the help of Beanstream Merchant account. But SSL should be enabled in your website, otherwise this plug-in will not work.

Quick Shop plug-in:

3 Quick Shop is also a widely popular plug-in used for wordpress websites. This plug-in works with PHP5. The wordpress websites that uses side bar widgets can choose this plug-in for better result. Actually Quick Shop allows a buyer to maintain and update a cart according to their wish. And it provides a very easy to use interface for the website viewers.

e-shop Plug-in:

4 One of the brilliant plug-in that carries a lot of options for your website. If you want a very smart shopping plug-in for your website this one will be the right choice for you. It offers a quick and simple shopping feature. It is provided with multiple payment gateways and shipping options. This plug-in is created in such a way that you can customize all the settings and add the desired products very easily.

Woo commerce plug-in:

5 This plug-in highly customizable and offers many payment procedures like Cash on Delivery, PayPal, Cheque, various card options etc. It is created by the developers of woo themes. It also provides an option to check the statistical report of your online business. So we can come to this point that this easy to use Plug-in is beneficial; for both the buyers and the sellers.

Are PayPal Plug-in:

6 This one is quite different from the others. Actually this will be a good option for those who offer articles and contents instead of selling goods in lieu of money. You can easily monetize the particular website and restrict some contents in your website only for the paid users. This plug-in works with the PayPal IPN as its payment gateway.

ArtPal Plug-in:

7 Art pal is the best plug-in for artists selling their works online. It integrates PayPal with your website and offers an easy selling of your artistic products all over the world. It is also built in with some outstanding features like the real-time selling updates and professional selling facilities. And no need to worry about the installation process as it is very easy to install and takes a very short time.

Cart 66 Lite:

8 A very light weight but powerful online shopping plug-in. If you are selling physical products you can choose a Cart 66 Lite for some special features. Actually it offers various currency options and ideal for international growing business. It works brilliantly with your website giving it a full monetary assistance.

Easy Donation Plug-in:

9 Actually it is not a commercial plug-in. The fact is that it doesn’t allow you to sell products from your website. Actually this can be only used for those who are seeking for a donation from the users. If you own a website with lot of informative articles related to various topics and instead of selling you want to ask for a donation from the users this plug-in will help you a lot. It features a one click donation button in your website.

Jigoshop Word press e-commerce plug-in:

10 A very useful plug-in for an e-commerce website. It contains all the features needed to control a commercial website. It will hardly take some time to install it in your website and once the installation process is completed your website will be attached with a full-fledged online shopping system.

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