30 Best Minimal WordPress Themes

Coming to the part of designs, themes in a website plays a pivotal role. Immediately after opening a website the first thing which depends to a visitor is it looks. The design a looks of a website is the first medium of attracting the visitors. In this case, minimal and simple themes serves great because complexity is not everyone’s cup of tea. When your website’s theme will be simple and easy to use visitor will enjoy their time on your website. So remember not to add a lot of functions and feature on your website this will irritate the visitors. Actually using minimal themes enhances the focus on your content more than the designs and features. Keeping all these things in mind we made a collection of 30 best minimal wordpress themes for you all. Scroll over to get your desired theme.

Best Minimal WordPress Themes:

1. Tonal: This theme is very simple looking and changes itself according to the background color. It’s good for images and videos.

30 best minimal wordpress themes1

2. Untitled: This theme looks great with feature images, fixed header, feautured post styles etc. It is designed by Automattic Team.

30 best minimal wordpress themes2

3. Wootique: This theme is a free WooThemes design with all the features of WooCommerce. It comes with widgets, sidebar and many other customizable features.

30 best minimal wordpress themes3

4. Focused: It is a very very clean and simple theme specially designed for using in personal blogs.

30 best minimal wordpress themes4

5. Spacious: Spacious is a beautiful responsive business theme with lot of customization features. And the most important feature of this theme is its free support to the users.

30 best minimal wordpress themes5

6. Expositio: This a responsive portfolio theme which serves great for photographers, artists and designers.

30 best minimal wordpress themes6

7. The Night Watch: It is a responsive and simple theme with elegant looks. It is very suitable for personal blogs.

30 best minimal wordpress themes7

8. Less: Less is a minimalist single column design theme with large texts and full width images. Another feature of this theme is that t displays the website’s admin gravatar picture on the header.

30 best minimal wordpress themes8

9. Socute: It is a premium e-commerce theme and free to use. It has some outstanding customization features and layout options.

30 best minimal wordpress themes9

10. Sinapp Theme: This theme is slightly different from the others and it is very ideal for websites dealing with mobile apps.

30 best minimal wordpress themes10

11. Hero: It is a very clean and responsive wordpress theme. But coming to the part of looks it is very great looking theme.

30 best minimal wordpress themes11

12. Uberto WordPress Theme: Uberto is an outstanding and good looking blogging theme very ideal for posts with videos and images. It is very simple and makes an impact to the viewers.

30 best minimal wordpress themes12

13. Minimalista: It is a very attractive theme with minimalist design approach. It matches almost all your website contents with the theme colors being black, grey and white.

30 best minimal wordpress themes13

14. The Cotton: Cotton is a very powerful and premium looking theme. It is very modern and simple. It can suit to any needs such as business, photography, portfolio and obviously personal websites.

30 best minimal wordpress themes14

15. Absolute: This theme is very gorgeous looking and high in performance. It can be used for photography, personal blogs and portfolios.

30 best minimal wordpress themes15

16. Branded Pro: It is a simple and cute looking theme. This theme serves better for brand promotions and other business purposes.

30 best minimal wordpress themes16

17. Hardy: Hardy is a responsive wordpress theme with simple and minimalistic attitude. But according to looks it seems very attractive.

30 best minimal wordpress themes17

18. Flat: This theme makes your website or blog outstanding with its awesome looks and performance.

30 best minimal wordpress themes18

19. Core: Core is a clean and well designed portfolio theme. You can even set full size background images. It also has slideshow feature in it which will scroll over all your photographs selected.

30 best minimal wordpress themes19

20. CleanBold: It is a lovely, ultra clean wordpress theme. The navigation is very cool and it comes with great features which is suitable for almost all the blogs.

30 best minimal wordpress themes20

21. Originmag: This theme is a simple and minimal one with outstanding customizable features. It powerful framework and widgets makes it one of the best of its kind.

30 best minimal wordpress themes21

22. Lucid: It is a responsive, sleek and modern magazine theme. The layout of this theme is designed in such a way that it gives a real pleasure to the readers to read any article.

30 best minimal wordpress themes22

23. Nimble: Nimble is a beautiful and a bold theme which can be used for various purposes. It is fully responsive and hence can be viewed nicely on a any type of device.

30 best minimal wordpress themes23

24. Impact: It is a super clean theme built with HTML 5 and CSS 3. It is very easy to use and simply gives the visitors outstanding experience on your browser.

30 best minimal wordpress themes24

25. Delta: This is a superb portfolio or blog wordpress theme. You will get a lot of customization features in it and awesome n both design and work.

30 best minimal wordpress themes25

26. Fashionista: It is an ideal theme for fashion photographers, models, celebrity gossips and other personal purposes. It has a great professional look and unique style of showcasing your articles.

30 best minimal wordpress themes26

27. Appify: Appify is a versatile theme that almost serves great for any purposes. It also comes with great customization features.

30 best minimal wordpress themes27

28. Personal: This theme is a great one for bloggers, journalists, photographers, and video bloggers. As it focuses on writings like other themes, it also focuses on videos and photos.

30 best minimal wordpress themes28

29. Artisan: Artisan is a super clean theme with dynamic looks. It can be a better option for creative freelancers. You can configure almost everything according to you in this theme.

30 best minimal wordpress themes29

30. Touch M: It is a multifunctional theme with WooCommerce extension. It serves great for business, products, online store and blog websites. It is configured in such a way that it also works great in touch screen devices.

30 best minimal wordpress themes30

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