25 Best Free Portfolio WordPress Themes

WordPress is now one of the best destinations of blogging. With increase of use of internet among the general people, the blogging arena is also making a rapid development. As many people all over the world spend their whole day in the blogosphere so day by day it is making outstanding development. With the increase of using blogs creative persons can share their idea and works very easily to the people all over the world. And now it has become much easier. So it has been very easier to share and make some marketing of their artistic products. So wordpress provides a platform to these peoples and now it is their work to make their blog or website attractive to the visitors. Here comes the need of beautiful portfolio wordpress themes. Here some best and free portfolio themes are discussed below.

Best Free Portfolio WordPress Themes:

1. Biznez Lite: This is a minimal business theme with various options. You can customize the logo, logo text and various other things. This theme is very suitable for business and portfolio representation website.

Best free portfolio wordpress themes1

2. Illustrious: A great choice for the portfolio and business related websites. It is very bright and visually clean. It can be customized from the options panel with a great customization features.

Best free portfolio wordpress themes2

3. Folder: Folder is an ultimate choice for Portfolio and product showcase. You can have a lot of customization options for display features. It also looks very bright.

Best free portfolio wordpress themes3

4. Stendhal: This is one of the best themes for showcasing various business products. The main feature of this theme is its beauty and standard look.

Best free portfolio wordpress themes4

5. Inter stellar: This is an amazing responsive theme for the artist specially photographers. It comes with a vast editing option which includes multiple layouts, change of color schemes and logo.

Best free portfolio wordpress themes5

6. Digest: This is best for personal blogging especially for the artists to showcase their artistical works, gallery, bio etc.

Best free portfolio wordpress themes6

7. Zenith: It comes with an amazing magazine style layout which is highly responsive. So reporters or journalists can easily go with this theme.

Best free portfolio wordpress themes7

8. Xenon: Xenon is much ideal for photography and design related websites. The theme showcases the images in a fantastic manner and it comes with many customizable features like side bar widget, color scheme, fonts etc.

Best free portfolio wordpress themes8

9. Polar Media: This theme goes with its name. Yes it is the best for news media related websites. It has an amazing layout style with a glance of all recent uploaded news. But remember that it is a non responsive theme.

Best free portfolio wordpress themes9

10. Pinboard: This theme is ideal to showcase different type of media formats. And because of its smart and beautiful design it gives a sizzling look to your blog.

Best free portfolio wordpress themes10

11. Origin: Yes originate your business through this theme in the web world. It is very stylish and has a two column layout and responsive gallery.

Best free portfolio wordpress themes11

12. Simple Grid Theme responsive: This theme has a grid type look and is very responsive that it supports almost all type of screen resolutions. It can be a good choice for various creative agencies and portfolio showcasing.

Best free portfolio wordpress themes12

13. Yaminth: This is a minimal wordpress theme. It comes with light colors and can be used for both personal and commercial projects.

Best free portfolio wordpress themes13

14. Corpo: A very ideal business theme it can be easily used in business and creative agency websites. The design is very dynamic and smart.

Best free portfolio wordpress themes14

15. Flozo: Flozo is fantastically designed for the new comers in the blogging world. And it helps the small scale business to reach their goal with a professional looking website.

Best free portfolio wordpress themes15

16. MyStile: It is a very light weight woo commerce theme. You can customize the theme layout to match your desired products.

Best free portfolio wordpress themes16

17. Neptune: Neptune is a great theme for photographers to showcase their work. It is designed by WPExplorer.com. This theme will allow you to put your photos in your desired categories and arrange them according to your wish.

Best free portfolio wordpress themes17

18. Travelify: A great choice for a travel blog or adventurists. It is fully customizable and looks very natural.

Best free portfolio wordpress themes18

19. Gridly: Responsive theme best suited for the photographers and web designers to showcase their work.

Best free portfolio wordpress themes19

20. Workality: This theme almost adjusts itself in all variation of screen resolution and the thumbnail size can be easily customizable.

Best free portfolio wordpress themes20

21. DesignFolio: It is a fully responsive portfolio theme suitable to showcase various products and its features. It almost gives a look of catalogue.

Best free portfolio wordpress themes21

22. Xenastore: xenastore is a very exciting theme. It looks cool because of its uses of colors and this one is for online stores and online product sellers. Actually this will be a great option for retail online business.

Best free portfolio wordpress themes22

23. _ARCHITEKT: This theme is a very nicely designed and responsive one. Actually you will notice that this theme is only good for the designers and architects.

Best free portfolio wordpress themes23

24. Big Square: You can obviously rely on this theme if you want to showcase your photographical works and arts related products. It has an amazing light weight look. But the most annoying part is that it is not a responsive one.

Best free portfolio wordpress themes24

25. Panoramica: It is a lovely theme for showcasing photographical works. It comes inbuilt with slide show feature that attracts a lot to the visitors. It is fully customizable with extensive features.

Best free portfolio wordpress themes25

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