Free Jupiter 100 Artistic Acrylic Painting Ideas For Beginners

100 Artistic Acrylic Painting Ideas For Beginners






Do you think it’s difficult to paint realistic birds? No…Not all, it’s simple! Start with a sketch of a bird and then begin to lay down paint in layers using a glazing technique that gives your painting instant boost and lifelike finish. Make your Acrylic Painting Ideas as detailed or as simple as you feel by adding fewer layers of paint.

Pet Portrait







Do you have a pet? Yes…Then, you might be having numerous photos of your beloved doggie or catty on your cell phone? Have you ever thought how stunning it will look…If you turn them into a painted masterpiece by creating a beautiful pet portrait? Start with painting animals from the base and then expanding on it with more color and shadow. Guys and Gals, you will find that you can instantly build a realistic portrait of your pet or even a non-pet wild animal with Acrylic Painting Ideas.

Layered Painting




Charlotte Johnson

The exact amount of Enthusiasm & commitment for art makes Charlotte Johnson creatively energetic for what she does. The Artistic finesses flowing in her nerves don't permit her to sit and create the ordinary that's why she consistently put the full dosage of potency to construct something monumental & worth perceiving. The point that makes her distinguishable is her capability to accept the compliments & comments both with equal excitement and Respect.

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  1. Rebecca McKenzie said:

    Charlotte, I am a beginner painter only painted 2 pictures. I found your site and very thrilled as starting my first panting on my own tomorrow night and needed some easy but inspirational paintings. I am more of an abstract person so your selection spoke to me. I saved many of your pictures on to my Pinterest art page. Thank you so much for having this site for beginners like me to find inspiration. Thanks Rebecca McKenzie