30 Shades Of Blue Color Names

Ask a man what is his favorite color and he is most likely to tell you that his favorite color is blue as if it is the most obvious answer there is. However, ask a man what shade of blue that he likes, and you are likely to get a blank stare as an answer. Nevertheless, there are many shades of blue and we are sure that if you are a man who likes to know about such things or if you are a woman or if you are a person who is into stuff like designing, you will be eager to know about the colors for the shades of blue. Blue is the color of nature, sky, sea and sometimes the eyes of any blessed man or woman.

Now, there’re still thousands of ways to admire the nature’s beauty so are the colors. Best Sources to Learn HTML & CSS for the knowledge of color codes.And here, we got you totally different shades of blue color names.Without much ado, we will tell you about the names that are given to shades of blue color names. Here they are:

Navy blue

Dark blue that is almost close to a blackish blue, this is a shade that is preferred for suits and blazers. Well, it’s directly connected to the navy so their uniform.

Sky blue

This one is a lighter shade and is supposed to emulate the sky. Both men and women like this shade. If you’d ask for something soothing and decent, this is your color.

2-sky blue

Cobalt blue

Derived from the chemical with the name, this one is a brighter shade and needs to be used with caution. It’s a perfect alternative for sky blue.

3- Cobalt Blue

Ink blue

A bright shade of blue this one is almost considered as attractive as red due to the brightness. A true blend of navy blue and teal blue and so adorable it is.

4-Ink blue

Copper sulphate blue

Once again something that has been named due to the color of the substance. This is again a brighter shade. You won’t find this shade of blue color so easily.

5-Copper sulphate blue

Royal blue

Like the name suggests, this color is rich and regal and is much sought after for special occasions. As the name says, royal blue, royal personality so the royal people.

6-Royal blue

Turquoise blue

This is a shade of color that is neither blue completely nor is it green and is a color that will never be ignored. This may seem you dull shade but, in actual, it’s truly decent.

7-Turquoise blue

Baby blue

This is a pastel and watered down shade of blue that is much preferred for baby wear. Painters and artists, you better keep this shade in your mind.

8-Baby blue

Cyan blue

This is again a color that is between blue and green of a lighter shade. And it’s not green you may thought of it is.

9-Cyan blue


This is considered a variation of the color of the sky that is a bit deeper as compared to the lighter version of sky blue. Moreover, this shade can be used for interiors and logo making.



This is a shade of blue that is between cyan and blue. Make sure to remember the hex code for this color as it’d be easy for you to recognize its true shade.


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