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How To Bike Ride Safely in Large Crowds

How To Bike Ride Safely in Large Crowds

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are taking up solitary outdoor exercises to stay in shape without mingling with others. Bicycling is one of the top outdoor sports for people to engage in right now because it’s fun, solitary and can help you get a great workout. Unfortunately, in today’s politically charged climate, it can


5 Mason Jar Dessert Ideas

Source: Unsplash Desserts have always been part of the dining table. Some are naturally born with a sweet tooth, while others crave for sweetmeats occasionally. Either way, a dessert after the main course remains adored and looked forward to. What more if it is cute and well-presented at the counter? Cookies, chocolates, smoothies, and everything

How To Take Care Of Your Watch

A man’s watch is the symbol of his wealth and discipline, but it is also a chance for him to express himself through what he wears. Every man should own at least one watch as it is very integral to maintaining a classy look.  Source:pexels.com There are many benefits of wearing a watch, and once


Car Accidents: 13 Major Causes

Over the past few years the rise of car production has been on the rise, consequently resulting in a larger number of cars on the roads and thus car and other vehicle accidents are also increasing. Every day there are thousands of auto accident injuries. Finding out the reasons for car accidents as well as