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Get Creative With These 22 DIY Mason Jar Crafts Ideas

Get Creative With These 22 DIY Mason Jar Crafts Ideas

When it comes to art and craft activity which is not merely a project for fun but for home décor purpose and getting few bucks by selling them, mason jars strikes my mind first. Mason jar can easily be found in your kitchen but you may never thought of it giving it something an artful


How To Store Your Craft Supplies in A Small Space

How much ever big our house is, after a point in time, it suddenly becomes small! You cant seem to find things, or you seem to have so little space that it looks like everything is dumped one of the other! Can relate to it? I know! It has become the story of every one


8 Easy Halloween Craft Ideas and Projects

Halloween – a time to go trick or treating with your friends and decorate your houses with pumpkins in all shapes and sizes. You don’t need to spend a fortune when looking for easy Halloween decorations ideas as they are attractive, funny…one can’t resist of trying them for once. Within few minutes you can actually

How to Make Your Own Dream Catcher [DIY]

May your all dreams come true and if you want them to be true, you better got yourself a dream catcher!   Well, that’s what American Indians strongly believe in. Yes, the word itself ‘Dream catcher’ which catches you good dreams is called dreamcatcher. You might have seen it in many houses for decore purpose but