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40 Amazing Wine Bottle Art and Craft Ideas

40 Amazing Wine Bottle Art and Craft Ideas

Wine, the only best drink we can think for a celebration. Though people who are really fascinated about wines, do think about their taste but if you are creative, you will also look into another interesting part about wine and that’s the bottle in which wine comes. Wine bottle looks very beautiful and it comes

Importance Of Art In Our Life

Aristotle once said, ‘art can tell us what is possible to man and history tells us what man did’. Art is natural; a byproduct of our emotions from depth of our core! Any art that lets you fly high, walk freely, express your thoughts and imagination, is beyond all logics and makes us feel that

40 Easy Crafts For Kids To Make For Summer

Summer season brings real hotness, sun uncle shines to its fullest so are the summer holidays. Parents, what your kids are up to for this summer, planning holiday trip, learning new skills or just watching movies and cartoon without real time fun?  Let’s give your kids crafty skills and practicing on crafts and art. What