30 Shades of Pink Color Names

Pink, the color of happiness as we know it is also the color of unconditional love. So the depth of every color is vast and it depends on the perspective. Now again if you go to the technical part, if we ask you which are the two colors that make pink? Yes, the answer is really easy and most of all can say that it is Red and White. Now if we ask how many parts of red and how many parts of white makes pink, it will be really complicated for many of us. And yes the answer is it depends on shades. But now if you want to know about various shades of pink color names, go through this article.

While you are trying to explore the color pink, you will have to know that there is a huge list of the shade of pink like we have already told you about the shades of blue color names. So, it’s really hard to complete it in a single article. But here we will be talking about the 30 most popular shades and we are going to start that now.

Shades of Pink Color Names

Hot Pink:

Yes this one is really hot and warm. It is a very passionate shade of pink and is loaded with full of warmth, joy, and love.

Pink Lace:

This is a very pale tone of pink and is known to us since 2001. No, this color is very popular among the girls and especially this color is used in various kinds of women lingerie.

Piggy Pink:

Have you ever seen a pink pig? Yes obviously but that’s also a unique pink shade that was first found in pigs.

Baby Pink:

It is also a very light shade of pink and the first use of this color was traced in 1928. In popular western culture, a baby girl is represented by baby pink and a baby boy is represented with baby blue.

Cherry Blossom Pink:

If you know something about the Japanese culture, you already about the value of cherry blossom in their culture. Similarly, the beautiful color of cherry blossom is also very important among the Japanese.

Lavender Pink:

Lavender is a very popular flower and so its color. Sometimes this color is also called as Lavender Color and it is a hot favorite among the girls.

Carnation Pink:

This amazing pink shade was also formulated by Crayola in the year 1903 and it resembles the flower color of the carnation plant.

China Pink:

Though actually we don’t know why it is named after China, but this color was first introduced in the Plochere Color System.

Congo Pink:

This is the only shade in this list that has a great difference with the others. It is actually more orangeish tone and its first use was recorded in 1912.

Mexican Pink:

This color is always widely used in various kind of costumes and in the different form of arts. Mexican pink was popularized by Ramon Valdiosera, a cartoonist and fashion designer in the mid-1940s.

Light Pink:

Known as light pink but it is on the deeper tint of the pink color.

Fuchsia Pink:

This is a purplish shade of pink which is also known to us as fuchsia pink. The name fuchsia has been derived from the color of the flower of the fuchsia plant.

Blush Pink:

Blush pink is a very feminine shade of pale pink and are very much used in bridal costumes.

Watermelon Pink:

It is hard to think watermelon as pink and we mostly relate it with red. But there is no watermelon that doesn’t have pink in it. This color is also very popular in feminine costumes.

Flamingo Pink:

Flamingo pink has an orangeish plumage over pink which comes from the body color of the flamingo birds. Though flamingos get the color from beta carotene.

Rouge Pink:

This is a very trendy shade of pink and is a very popular shade in lipstick and nail polish. It is a reddish pink color.

Salmon Pink:

Salmon pink or salmon color whatever you say is a pale pinkish-orange shade which is named after the color of salmon fish which we eat.

Coral Pink:

A very hot favorite among the women and known as the very creamy shade of pink. It is widely used by the fashion designers and interior designers.


Yes, this can be said as a shade of pink which is derived from the pale pinkish color from the exterior flesh of the peach fruit.

Strawberry Pink:

Maybe you have not heard of this color but strawberry pink is a very popular color in the cosmetics world. Just think of a strawberry flavored smoothie and it is the pink you get.


It is a color that falls between the magenta and red. It is regarded as a shade of pink and it was first used in 1760.The color actually resembles the color variety of rosewood.

Lemonade Pink:

Lemonade pink name comes from the famous pink lemonade which is created by mixing various fruit juices. Yes, the color is obviously juicy.

Taffy Pink:

This is a very bold pink color which is very much used in interior designing and paints.

Bubblegum Pink:

Do you remember those bubble gums in your childhood? That’s the color we are talking about. This color is a very popular shade of pink.

Crepe Pink:

If you are a very interested in colorful costumes, you may have heard of this crepe pink as it is mostly used in outfits.


The color we can often relate with onions. Magenta is found in different tones and is one of the colors that is close to pink and red.

Cotton Candy Pink:

A Pale shade of pink and was first introduced as a color by Crayola in the year 1998.

Silver Pink:

A unique shade of pink which was found in the Plochere color system which was formulated in 1948. This is widely used in interior designing.

Mountbatten Pink:

It is also known by another name called Plymouth Pink. It is a camouflage color of the Navy which was invented by Louis Mountbatten of the British Royal Navy in 1940.

French Pink:

This is a very popular color among the French people and is referred to the rose.

Pink is a color that we always talk about and it is known for its unique depth. You can use this shades in any kind of work and that’s up to you. but these popular shades of pink color will obviously attract you if you have never seen them before. Colors are always attractive and that’s its most beautiful feature.

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