How to Take Good Care of Your Leather Watch Strap

A watch strap is a band which resembles a belt and is useful when it comes to ensuring your watch is firmly attached to your wrist. It is adjustable like your regular belt, and you can fasten it to where you feel it is comfortable on your wrist. There are various types of watch straps

Pride Festivals You Should Attend this Year

5 Pride Festivals You Should Attend this Year

Whether I’m daydreaming of the best festivals in France or planning my next party, I’m always coming up with new and exciting ways to have fun. Today I’m here to talk about five Pride festivals that I wish I could attend this year—and you should, too! The festivals and parades at annual Pride celebrations are


Can Healthy Finances Promote Overall Wellness?

Money can’t buy you happiness, but if you have too little of it, your health can suffer. One review published in Clinical Psychology Review showed that there is a strong link between mental illness and having financial woes. Those in debt, it seems, have a three times higher risk of also having mental conditions such as depression and