How to Choose the Right Photo for Your Canvas Print

In the simplest words possible, canvas prints are the printing of digital photos on canvas material. Earlier people used to get the pictures printed out of the digital sheets which were clicked by studio photographers. Nowadays, people are fonder of canvas prints. The canvas prints have a wooden framework.


People prefer it because the photos can be stretched to a greater extent compared to normal digital printing. Here the photos are stretched and printed onto the canvas material. It gives a fresh get old look to the picture and adds a new kind of vibe to the whole place.

How to Choose the Right Photo for Your Canvas Print

Benefits of Canvas Printing

  1. Anti-glare

The pictures that are printed digitally are very glossy and shiny. When light is thrown on it, you can see glare coming from the picture. This defeats the whole purpose of printing the image.

Gloss sometimes makes it difficult for people to see the image clearly due to the falling of light. In the case of canvas prints, there is no such problem as the pictures are glare-free and look more natural and classier than the digitally printed pictures.

  1. Cost-effective

Comparing how good it looks compared to the glossy digital prints, it can be called as a budget-friendly activity. The cost of getting a big canvas print is much lower than the cost of getting it painted in a canvas at a smaller size. Also, the natural yet grand look makes it a complete worth of money.

  1. Evergreen

Canvas prints are stuff that can never go out of fashion. Without much thought, it will find a place in any of your rooms without much difficulty. So canvas prints are highly versatile as they fit into literally any area with ease.

It has been a popular gift for some time, and people love it due to its fine finishing and natural look, making it evergreen and versatile at the same time.

Not to mention, CanvasPop has been leading in this department by offering custom canvas prints that you get under great prices and fast shipping. The website lets you upload the photo(s) of your choice and you can customize a lot of things such as frames, etc.

Now, in order to select the right picture, we should move ahead on deciding how to choose the right photo for your next

How to choose the right photo for your canvas print?

There is no right way around it, but certain things can be kept in mind before you make a decision for your canvas printing.

The kind of picture that you want to print depends on your needs and depends on various other factors like where it is to be put. For the bedroom, it can be a picture of your baby. If it is for the living room, it can be a family photo.

  1. Picture quality

The most and basic thing on which the canvas print depends is picture quality. Picture quality needs to be good just because the pictures have to be enlarged. While enlarging and printing the pictures on canvas, the pixels go further away from each other. Due to this, the picture would appear blurry and unclear, and the whole canvas print would go as a waste.

If the picture quality is good, then enlarging the picture won’t take away its quality. You need to ensure that the image has a high pixel resolution. Even if the resolution is low, the lighting and focus need to be proper. Low-resolution pics lead to poor looking canvas print, and people won’t get the worth of their money.

  1. Shape and size

It is very important to know the size and shape in which you want to print your canvas. The success of printing depends on this. Decide in advance whether you want it to be in landscape or portrait. It is better to print scenic beauty and family photos in landscape mode. It’s better to print the pictures in a portrait if it’s a solo picture.

Also, one needs to carefully see whether the pics are being enlarged beyond a point where the pixels start to stretch beyond a limit and make the picture a blur affair. So, check the pixel resolution of the image before deciding how much is to be enlarged.

  1. Borders

After printing the pictures into the canvas material, the picture is then stretched over a wooden framework. On doing so, some part of the image gets actually tucked into the wooden frame.

Due to this, some part of the image is lost to the framework. Before printing, you need to decide carefully how much of the canvas boundary needs to be given away for the stretching over of the canvas onto the framework.


Canvas prints are here to stay. Many things contribute to how good a canvas print will look. They look far too realistic and classy compared to a normal digital print. The variety of sizes available for canvas printing is an added advantage over normal printing.

The pixel resolution is very important for this. The enlargement of the image depends on the pixel resolution. The best thing about this is that above all, it is cost-effective and efficient as well. Make the best out of this new stuff.

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