How to build a SEO friendly PHP website

SEO or Search engine optimization is the most essential part of web development nowadays. Each and every website owner needs to promote their website in Google or other search engine to increase traffic in their website. As a result it is quiet necessary to make the website SEO friendly. This article is all about making a website user friendly using PHP. Actually the main three elements of SEO is the on-page Optimization, off page optimization and technical factors. So PHP helps in making a website with the pre-mentioned elements. Web developers seeking to build a website with PHP should follow the following advice and tips to make it more SEO friendly.

Ways to Build a SEO Friendly PHP Website:

Navigation and Links: It is one of the most important parts to build a user friendly website. Actually people will always love to access a website with easy navigation facility. And for that you should always be careful that your website has an easy navigation. Otherwise the visitor rate will go on decreasing. And that is not at all good for your record. So you should keep in mind to design a user friendly website. And one more thing we should discuss is about links. The links should always be presented in such a creative way so that it doesn’t look very awkward. And too much of links can also irritate a user. So avoid using too much of unnecessary links.

How to build a SEO friendly PHP website1

Right Heading and Bold tags: Highlighting a text or a heading is a must to do process. Actually to give an overview of the full website the headings should be presented in such a way that a visitor can get an idea of the articles and topics contained in the website. Like in a newspaper the news headings are easily noticeable the headings of the website should be easily noticeable. Now coming to the interior part of various articles and information’s the points mentioned in the article should be made bold to attract the visitors. For on-page optimization $pageKeywords, $pageDescription, $page Title etc PHP variables can be used to get the work. One can also use tags to improve the indexing of a website.

How to build a SEO friendly PHP website2

Canonical Errors: Always try to avoid this type of errors while developing a website. Actually the www and non www websites are treated differently by the search engines. Even if the contents are same it will be treated differently. So the developers can use 301 redirection to avoid duplication issue. More time should be given while creating the homepage so that the .php will be treated different to .com.

How to build a SEO friendly PHP website3

Browser Issues: Nowadays it is very necessary to build a responsive website to get all type of visitors whether they are browsing from Desktop or from a Phablet. Browsing internet has become the easiest process and it can be browsed from anywhere, anytime. So while developing the website the developer should spend a time in making the website fully responsive to any type of screen resolution. It’s not a very tough process.

How to build a SEO friendly PHP website4

URL structure: URL structure is also one of the most important parts of a user friendly website. The URL’s should be always clean and shouldn’t be very long. Use permalink with url _rewriter tags which makes the URL very user friendly for both the search engines and visitors.

URL Concept

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