12 Holiday Party Hairstyle For Women

The party and festive season has just arrived. And all the pretty women are decked up with the loveliest of clothes and make up items. But what about the hairstyles? Your look is just incomplete without a perfect party hairstyle. So we have come up with some pretty holiday party hairstyles for all those lovely ladies who want their hairstyles to be on fleek. We know that your schedule is likely to be lined up with parties from now until the new year and you are just looking forward to a lovely hairstyle to flaunt. So check out our beautiful holiday party hairstyle list and chose your favorite one accordingly.


Holiday Party Hairstyle

Messy Topknot Bun:


This is effortless, relaxing and chic. It pretty goes with all of your outfits ranging from a ankle length gown to a gorgeous LBD. If you have long and thick hair then this style will look the best on you. Easy to make and you are just one step behind to be loaded with all those complements.

Half Up Topknot:


This hairstyle is so IN this season. From the red carpet to the award functions almost all the celebrities have tried this at least once. Then why not you? This hair style works wonder on both long and short hair. Go for this lovely boho kind of half-up, half-down style this party season.

Upside Down French Braid Bun:


Do you like those dressy and classy hairstyles which make you look more like those princesses right from those story books? Then this fairy kind of hairstyle is just perfect for you. Wear a long flowy white or pink gown and team that up with this petite hairstyle. Perfect for the indoor and outdoor parties.

Cute Wavy Hair:


Give some demure touch to your look by trying out this soft and wavy hairstyle. It’s a bit time taking and needs your effort to make it perfect but the end result is so interesting and stylish that it is worthy to put this amount of effort into it. To make your job easier, we have this tutorial for you.

The Twisted Pony:


The ponytail will never go out of fashion. And this variation comes with a twist. Take a part of your hair, twist it and then tie it up in the back. You are done.

Twisted Crown Braid:


The best part about this hairstyle is that it takes hardly five minutes to do. All you need is some bobby pins and some elastic bands. This hairstyle will give your face that feminine definition and that hint of eternal classy look. Do this hairstyle with a WBD and place a tiara upon your crown.

Sleek Chignon:


Remember the hairstyle which Charlize Theron flaunted at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival? This hairstyle is perfect if you are gonna hit the dance floor in the party. Easy to do, trendy and secured. Just do a low pony and twist the end around the base. Any sort of outfit will look fabulous with this hairstyle.

Milkmaid Braid:


This is sweet and goes the best with the oval or diamond shaped faces. Just part your hair down the middle and braid each side, then place and secure them on your head just like a headband.

The Never Ending Ponytail:


If your hair is not too long but you want to fake the length and want to make it look super long then go for this super long pony. It gives your hair thicker and healthier finish. And goes pretty well with anything and everything.

Sleek Vixen Hair:


Want a more dressy kinda look? Go for this option. Straighten your hair. Make section, twist it and make a ponytail. Then wrap a smaller part around the pony and your hair is ready. Flawless and classy.

The Faux Bob:


Bored with your long hair and want some short hairstyle to flaunt? Try this faux bob. Sassy and Bossy. All you require is a little more patience and a handful of bobby pins. Here we come with the step by step tutorial.

Flower Power:


Last but not the least this hairstyle is the perfect combo of sexy and feminine. Make some Wavy locks and throw floral headbands on the crown of your head. You are the perfect Boho queen.

Winter is all about partying and holidaying. Good friends, a good place, some music and good food is all you need. Wear a good pair of denim and a cute tee or get all dressed up with a long fairy like gown. And from this very list of holiday party hairstyles, you can easily pick the perfect option according to your likings. So get, set and party buddy!

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