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20 Light And Shadow Photography Ideas For Inspiration

20 Light And Shadow Photography Ideas For Inspiration

Light and shadows can add a lot to a photograph. They can highlight emotions, add a sense of balance and contrast to the composition, help to create surreal images and can be used in a variety of different ways. It’s our personal experience – shadows look more powerful when used in black and white photographs.


5 Easy Steps to Restoring Old Photos Like New in PhotoWorks – Beginner-Friendly

While old photographs are fantastic to look at in all their glory, they can be very delicate to handle and are often faded, stained, and discolored from the wear and tear of time. Unpleasant marks like tears, rips, and dog-eared corners can hamper the quality, making them hard to handle for fear of making them


4 Most Amazing 3D Photographs Around the World

The photography has seriously changed over the last few years thanks to the development of 3D technology. The change has made it more difficult for professional photographers to impress requiring them to be more creative and put more effort into their work. The new technology has also made it possible for anyone interested in photography


20 Mind Pausing Rain Photography Ideas

Rain Photography Ideas can and surely will let you capture amazing and candid moments. Yes, if you’re a passionate photographer and want to try rain photography then you landed on right page. People love rainy season especially when it’s rain after sweaty summer season and that’s the best time you better gear up with your


8 Best Inspirational Photography Ideas

If your soul is injected with the photography skills and observation of capturing picture-perfect moments then you’re the blessed one. Yes, photography itself is a talent and creative art form. Unlike painters and street art artists got fame, photographers are looking for that financial assistance and popularity. But, a true artist never stops enhancing and


How did Editors Edit Photos in 20th Century when there was no Photoshop

Have you ever thought about the question “how did editors edit photos in 20th century when there was no Photoshop”. Prior to Photoshop and the host of image editing apps, people did edit photos. So how did they do it? Let us find out. How did Editors Edit Photos in 20th Century Processing the Film