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30 Artistic Ceiling Fan Blade Art Ideas

30 Artistic Ceiling Fan Blade Art Ideas

After knowing the below given art ideas you will be a ‘fan’ of ceiling fan blade. Yes, for those long years which you have spent under the cool breeze of ceiling fan are gone since fans too come with the validity and age. And what would you do when you find your fan is dead


40 Hyper Realistic Oil Painting Ideas To Try

Talking of hyper realistic oil painting ideas? Well, this insane art is totally different to all other painting niches either it’s the watercolor, crayons or pencil colors. Only professional and experienced artists can perform such art. The word ‘hyper realistic’ itself represents and praise the art as it symbolizes the art with deep detailing, dimensions


40 Creative And Simple Color Pencil Drawings Ideas

There’s a huge difference between pencil drawing and creative and simple color painting drawings ideas. Pencil drawings bring out the beautiful canvas from black and white only whereas when it comes to color pencil drawings, it’s beyond realistic art. Moreover, it’s been reportedly proved that working with color pencil is easy as you’d not have