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40 Easy Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas For Friends/Family

40 Easy Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas For Friends/Family

So, are you done with your smart and creative plans regarding Christmas décor and yummy cookies or whatsoever? May you’re done, but what about the gifts that your pals would stare at you for. Well, Christmas handmade gifts are surely full of love and feelings that can be seen in your craft work and we

How to Make Your Own Dream Catcher [DIY]

May your all dreams come true and if you want them to be true, you better got yourself a dream catcher!   Well, that’s what American Indians strongly believe in. Yes, the word itself ‘Dream catcher’ which catches you good dreams is called dreamcatcher. You might have seen it in many houses for decore purpose but

15 Cool Bohemian Jewelry Ideas

Now you will be knowing about the coolest jewelry style, and that is the bohemian jewelry ideas. Nowadays fashion folks are getting more attracted towards the bohemian styling sense as it trendy and comfortable from all sense. Bohemian jewelry ideas look awesome and add a charm to your femininity. And for the creative people, bohemian