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40 Cute And Easy Seashell Craft And Decor Ideas

40 Cute And Easy Seashell Craft And Decor Ideas

Irrespective of our age, we have always adored the idea of collecting seashells at the seashores. We love the idea of not just keeping these shells off a jar, but to use them for beautiful decor pieces and artwork. Seashells serve just more than a hobby and put kept in a jar. The eye candies

Awesome DIY Dreamcatchers for Décor

Dreamcatchers developed from a legend and became universal design fantasies. The more they spread, the less conventional they become. You might see a dreamcatcher in a hotel, pub, at a festival or even at a wedding. The only thing that might stop you from finding or creating your next DIY dreamcatcher is that you haven’t


10 Excellent Handmade iPhone Case Designs

The current generation is the generation of mobiles, more precisely smartphones.Smartphone owners know how much they love that gadget. While it comes to protecting them from getting damaged, the following means can prove to be helpful: • Buying an external warranty for your phone • Putting a tempered screen glass over the display • Putting